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Personal Analysis of past events by Ralph (diary form).

en. Trotzdem hätten wir, die Großen, die schon relativ selbstständig waren, da doch Ordnung hineinbringen können!Ja, vor allem Piggy, der mir in seinem Denken und Handeln unendlic ... r nicht nur jegliche Rettungsversuche vereitelt, sondern auch alle Anstrengungen von Piggy und mir, Ordnung in das Leben der Jungen zu bringen! Aber auf diese Weise konnte er wohl seine Position in de ...

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The Amish

d might hinder the strict discipline that they live. Each community has it own set of rules, called Ordnung, which dictate a way of life for the Amish people. It is a faith of sorts and is taught to A ... ught to Amish children when they are very young. "Amish children learn that breaking the law of the Ordnung is wrong. The Ordnung is not considered the law of God; instead, it is interpreted as a set ...

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The Amish Culture

raybill-Riddle, 30).Each Amish community maintains a list of written or unwritten rules, called the Ordnung. "Since the Amish lack the central governing authority present in the many other Christian s ... l governing authority present in the many other Christian sects, all governance is local, as is the Ordnung." (Wise) The Ordnung regulates all aspects of Amish life including clothing, child bearing, ...

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Amish Society Vs. Modern Society

and ignorant. Furthermore, the Amish community follows a list of written or unwritten rules, called Ordnung, which regulates all aspects of Amish activity. I don’t believe that I could live in a ...

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The German Law

hkeit, soweit er nicht die Rechte anderer verletzt und nicht gegen die verfassungsmäßige Ordnung oder das Sittengesetz verstößt.(2) Jeder hat das Recht auf Leben und körperl ... ue zur Verfassung.Artikel 6 (1) Ehe und Familie stehen unter dem besonderen Schutze der staatlichen Ordnung.(2) Pflege und Erziehung der Kinder sind das natürliche Recht der Eltern und die zuv&ou ...

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r, similarities do exist. Each society has a set of norms in which they live by. For the Amish, the Ordnung guides behavior. Mainstream America has its own rules, both written and instinctual. Our soc ... se guidelines, as well as our unspoken mores, serve to outline our ethics in the same manner as the Ordnung and Holy Bible for the Amish.Another similarity is the changing parental/spousal roles. The ...

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Rumspringa: A tradition within the Amish community

hones in their community.The Amish base their lives around an unwritten code of behavior called The Ordnung. The Ordnung began as a basic outline of the Anabaptist faith in the 16th century, and since ...

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