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The Alkanes

ALKANESThe alkanes are the simplest form of organic compounds. They are made up ofonly Carbon atoms and Hydrogen atoms. All of the bonds are sin ...

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Acid base Extraction

n: Acid/base extraction involves carrying out simple acid/base reactions inorder to separate strong organic acids, weak organic acids neutral organic compoundsand basic organic substances. The procedu ... nsfermixture to 125ml separatoryfunnel using little ether tocomplete the transferAdd 10 ml of water Organic layer=mixtureaqueous layer=water(clear)Add 10 ml saturated aqueous Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3 ...

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Death of a Planet

ars comes from the exhaust, mainly in the form ofhydrocarbons(1 factsheet, OMS-5). Hydrocarbons are organic compounds ,a combination of twoor more elements, that contain only carbon and hydrogen (2 fa ...

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and sulfurouscompounds.50-90% of petroleum is hydrocarbons and the remaining is composed chiefly oforganic compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, or sulfur. Pennsylvania crudeoils contain 97-98% hydr ... lls andmountains, 2) biochemical and chemical precipitates such as limestone, gypsum,anhydrite, 3 ) organic matter from plants and animals which lived in the sea orcarried by rivers.The modern petrole ...

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Independent Study Assignment Chemistry (SCHOA1)

Identify the following organic compounds:1: Hydrocarbons.Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon; also c ... | H R2 | R1 - C - OH | H R2 | R1 - C - OH | R3primarysecondarytertiaryalcoholb)EthersEthers are an organic compound with two alkyl groups (the same or different) attached to an oxygen atom. Both ethe ... he dehydration (the withdrawal of H-atoms) of primary alcohols leads to aldehydes. Aldehydes are an organic compound characterized by a terminal carbonyl functional group; that is, a carbonyl group bo ...

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The following is a lab report on fermentation and its inhibitors.

man-madecompounds can be attacked by bacteria. In environments devoid of oxygen (or othersuitable inorganic electron accepter), this degradation involves fermentation.Despite the many methods bacteria ... cepter), this degradation involves fermentation.Despite the many methods bacteria employ to ferment organic compounds, there aresome unifying concepts that are true of all fermentations.1.) NAD+ is al ...

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Explanations of the major elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, iron and zinc.

. Also, oxygen atoms are present in water and water is essential to all life. It is present in many organic compounds. While oxygen is necessary for life, oxygen as ozone is highly toxic. On the other ...

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Comparing The Enthalpy Changes Of Combustion Of Different Alcohols.

ng used is called the enthalpy change of combustion.As I already know that alcohols are a series of organic compounds which all contain a -OH group.My Prediction:By using the knowledge that I already ... investigation are the following 6 alcohols:Ø Methanol - CH3OH solvent; fuel; manufacture of organic chemicals; denaturing ethanol straight chain alcohol.Ø Ethanol - (CH3CH2OH) ethyl alc ...

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ness of life by two methods: (1) directly, in the process of photosynthesis, which produces complex organic compounds, and (2) indirectly, in the respiration of those organic compounds, either by the ...

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Lab write up on finding organic compounds in common everyday foods

Introduction: In living things, organic compounds are present. Most common food contains the most abundant organic compounds of lipi ... ygen atoms. Some examples are starches and sugars. One can find out if a substance has one of these organic compounds by using an indicator, which changes color in the presence of a particular compoun ... ator, which changes color in the presence of a particular compound.Purpose: To find the presence of organic compounds in common foods.Hypothesis: If the food contains fats oils or waxes like vegetable ...

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All About Louis Pasteur

owed that a plant mold only used one isomer of racemic acid, demonstrating that living tissues only organic compounds of right-handedness. Optical rotation was subsequently observed in solutions which ...

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which they exist in water, are combined with carbon. Carbohydrates as a class are the most abundant organic compounds found in nature. They are produced by green plants and by bacteria using the proce ...

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Proteins are organic compounds that make up living organisms and are essential to their functioning. First discov ...

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Why are bacteria so diverse metabolically? What are some of the things they are capable of and why?

m the environment. Photoautotrophs are photosynthetic organisms that use light energy to synthesize organic compounds from carbon dioxide. Chemoautotrophs obtain energy by oxidizing inorganic substanc ... dioxide as a carbon source. Photoheterotrophs use light for energy but must obtain their carbon in organic from. Chemoheterotrphs must consume organic molecules for both energy and carbon.Diverse bac ...

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t forms of life. Plants that contain the green pigment chlorophyll can synthesize their food from inorganic substances in the process called photosynthesis. Organisms such as plants that can thus manu ... nthesis. Organisms such as plants that can thus manufacture complex organic compounds from simple inorganic nutrients are termed autotrophic. Organisms that must obtain "prefabricated" organic compoun ...

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Organic chemistry: Introducton to Isomerism

-----------Structural Isomerism------------------------Structural isomerism occurs when two or more organic compounds have the same molecular formulae, but different structures. These differences tend ... your hands that cause them to be nonsuperimposable.On the molecular scale, most optical isomers are organic compounds, and they have non superimposable mirror images when there are four different grou ...

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Melting point lab

vent, to be able to purify and separate acetanilide from a mixture by process of recrystallization. Organic compounds that are synthesized in labs or isolated from natural recourses often have been ta ... been tainted by impurities. Recrystallization is a process that removes these impurities from solid organic compounds that are at room temperature. This process is built on the principle that the solu ...

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Purpose:In this lab experiment the mixtures of organic compounds are separated using liquid chromatography. TLC separation takes pace on a thin lay ...

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Mercury in Fish

very liquid at room temperature; it is rarely found in its metallic form in nature, but rather as inorganic or organic compounds.Mercury is mined in its inorganic state, as mercuric sulphide (the ore ... rganic mercury can also be called mercury salts, and includes mercuric oxide and mercuric chloride; organic mercury however, forms when mercury combines with carbon. Also known as organomercurials, th ...

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oup of inventers, people can now treat their diabetes. When we eat, our bodies break food down into organic compounds, one of which is glucose. The cells of our bodies use glucose as a source of energ ...

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