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The novel, entitled GREAT EXPECTATIONS, was written by the remarkable Charles Dickens. My report tackles the overall view of the story including the characters & their backgrounds.

Kent, month of DecemberMAJOR CHARACTERS:Phillip Pirrup- he was called "Pip" by everybody. He was an orphan who lived with his sister and his brother-in-law.Mrs. Joe Gargery- the elder sister of Pip wh ... big sum of money to Pip.MINOR CHARACTERSMr. and Mrs. Hubble- the wheel maker and his wife.Biddy- an orphan girl in the village who helped in the Gargery household when Mrs. Joe was attacked.Herbert Po ...

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Comparison Of Wuthering Heights And The Inheritance

novels mentioned above by comparing and contrasting them. The Inheritance is the story of an orphan girl named Edith Adelon. She was adopted by Mr. Hamilton to provide companionship for his bel ... cliff's lives. Both characters were adopted by upper class families. Edith and Heathcliff were both orphans and the identity of their parents was unknown. Edith shows this by saying: ...

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Anne Of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a very good book written by L. M. Montgomery. In this book, an orphan girl is adopted and gets herself into a lot of trouble.The characters in this book were somet ... e sometimes a little strange, but most of the time they acted like real people. Anne Shirley was an orphan girl who had been adopted by Marila and Matthew Cuthbert. Anne was red-haired and in her teen ... place called Green Gables, a little house in the middle of nowhere. Matthew and Marila wanted a boy orphan to help Matthew in the fields, for he was getting old and weak. The Cuthberts sent for an orp ...

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Once upon a time long, long ago there was an

Once upon a time long, long ago there was an orphan girl who dreamed of having a warm enchanted Christmas with a loving and caring family. She al ... trouble for the little things by Ms. Hanes. Ms. Hanes was a very mean lady but she looked after the orphans. None of the orphan girl's liked Ms. Hanes. The little orphan girls' name was Brittany, most ... idn't like Brittany and she hated Christmas too, her name was Miranda. Miranda was the bully of the orphanage, she picked on the little kids too. Also Brittany wanted Miranda to like Christmas. Britta ...

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Nellie Bly

, was so impressed by Elizabeth’s unique writing skills in her letter (which she signed “Lonely Orphan Girl”) that he took out an ad in the Sunday Dispatch, pleading that Elizabeth come to intro ...

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ues appeared vividly in his songs of the 1860s, including "The Seminarian," "The Outcast," and "The Orphan Girl". These elements, however, gained cumulative power in his operas. In 1863-66 he set abo ...

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Nellie Bly

lson. George Madden, managing editor of the Dispatch was so impressed by the letter, signed "Lonely Orphan Girl," that he placed an ad in the Sunday paper asking that she introduce herself. The follow ...

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