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Speech: History of anime & 2 Famous anime creators

hesis statement: The first animation produced in Japan in 1907, modern anime was formed in 1958 and Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki are among the most famous creators of animeIntroduction:I. What is a ... rn animeA. Toei Studios & first colour feature film (theme and influences)B. First TV animeIII. Osamu Tezuka "God of Manga"A. Influences (how the big eyes emerged)B. Revolutions in his animationC. ...

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nese manga together with its society were tattered and dying, until the born of "The god of manga"--Osamu Tezuka (Thorn). In 1940s, Tezuka with his works like New Treasure Island, Astro Boy, and Black ... n developing manga. With Tezuka and his students, modern manga was born and flourishes forever.When Osamu Tezuka first built up the foundation of modern manga, manga was almost exclusive for schoolboy ...

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Anime Goes Beyond Boundaries

s based theirs off of old folklore, and other animators used Disney-like approaches. One man, Osama Tezuka, wrote a successful novel-length manga book at the age of twenty deeming him the "God of Mang ... a successful novel-length manga book at the age of twenty deeming him the "God of Manga"�. "Tezuka's illustrations exploded with action and emotion"� (O'Connell, 1), and contributed muc ...

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Japanese Anime

egend: The White Snake.It is from 1963 that the Anime big business started to grow faster thanks to Osamu Tezuka and his house of production (Mushi). Tetsuwan Atom was their first production: the cart ...

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