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"Journey's End" by R.C Sherriff.

ood officer and is well respected from earlier dialogue in the play. For example, in Act 1 Scene 1, Osborne says, "He's a long way the best company commander we've got", and Hardy agrees.Stanhope is a ... s because in the very first scene of Journey's End, Hardy discusses Stanhope's drinking habits with Osborne, saying, "I never did see a youngster put away the whisky he does". One of the main effects ...

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What has principally interested you in your study of Journey's End so far?

reacted to different ways and how they cope to the raid was interesting also. We are introduced to Osborne first. He is around forty-five, tall with well trimmed grey hair, also deputy to the Command ... y to the Commander, Stanhope. We hear a lot about Stanhope before we meet him from the conversation Osborne and Hardy (a commander that seemed to know Stanhope rather well from the past) had together ...

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Drama- Argue the case that 'Journeys End' should still be staged today

cters all have their own ways of dealing with war and the effects being away had on them as people. Osborne, who still seems unaffected and compassionate, warns Raleigh not to expect too much from Sta ... the top" and risk being killed by the Germans.Another dramatically tense moment in the play is when Osborne and Raleigh have been chosen to go "over the top" to raid the German trench for a prisoner. ...

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Which warden presented the most realistic vision of how Sing Sing should operate? Was this also the best vision? Why?

we examine the history of Sing Sing, three wardens seem to be conspicuous: Elam Lynds, Thomas Mott Osborne and Lewis Lawes. Although all of them blazed trails in different ways, the most realistic on ... t realistic one is Lewis Lawes because he was neither too strict like Lynds nor too idealistic like Osborne; however, this is not to say that Lawes' method was also the best one. Osborne was a real pi ...

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Management or Control? The use of Performance Measurement in the Public Sector

cal commitment of both main political parties (Glynn and Murphy 1996).Why do we Measure Performance?Osborne and Gaebler's seminal work Reinventing Government (1993) outlines the following important re ... erformance measurement and again highlights the links to accountability and the consumerist agenda. Osborne and Gaebler link this to expenditure and taxation where the public will support tax increase ...

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Discuss the main themes that emerge from Sherriff's Journey's end

be a hero), but he didn't know the reality of it (death).In the text, we see a quiet hero shown in Osborne. Osborne: "my names Osborne. Second in command of the company. You can call me 'sir' in fron ... e. Second in command of the company. You can call me 'sir' in front of the men". This suggests that Osborne went day in and day out for his country and did his duty, even though he knew he was going t ...

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Journeys End - R.C.Sherriff - "Character of Stanhope"

e character of Stanhope is introduced by Hardy in Act 1, without him actually making an appearance. Osborne shows respect to Stanhope and is clearly angry and annoyed by the way Hardy is dismissive of ... nhope. Hardy shows disrespect towards Stanhope, for the simple reason that he 'likes a good drink'. Osborne is indignant over these comments and continually informs Hardy of his dedication, loyalty an ...

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Journeys end Questions: "Journey's End"

lies and his snide comments are extremely blatant. When Stanhope enters, he doesn't stop to welcome Osborne or Raleigh, but gets straight to his business. Once Stanhope is seated, he begins talking to ... on, and Raleigh was just a trigger. It all began when Stanhope was growing slowly more irritable at Osborne for saying that Stanhope's censorship idea was stupid. Osborne being the more respected man ...

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Doll House

for the characters in the novel.There were three main characters in the novel. One of them was John Osborne. He was the owner of the antigue store. He was a sullen character, he didnt talk much or sha ... end of her nose.The story takes place in florida by the ocean side in an old antigue store called "Osborne's Antiques". The store is acrossed the shore line. There would be many small shops such as c ...

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Journey's End

r isn’t a very imaginative man which is a major down point, in Stanhope’s opinion.I think Osborne would make a very good leader as all the men look up to him and show him a great amount of r ... p to him and show him a great amount of respect. “You’ll find the men call me Uncle” Osborne says to Raleigh as he joins the company. He is a brave and very loyal man to Stanhope. Osbor ...

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Osborne Propellers Operation Management

es, it ones again will become the leading company in the propeller manufacturing industry.BACKGROUNDOsborne Propellers is a local business that has been established in 1935 by Robert A. Osborne. Entre ... d returns for the first twenty years in operation. By the early fifties, young and energetic Robert Osborne was able to establish positive reputation for the company in British Columbia as well as in ...

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