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Joseph II's connection with Mozart (Based on the movie Amadeus)

n Kaunitz to expand the Habsburg Empire, acquiring Galicia from Poland (1772) and Bukovina from the Ottoman Empire (1775). His attempt to annex Lower Bavaria, however, was ruined by Frederick II (the ...

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gulf war

The Gulf WarFor almost all of the 18th century, Iraq was apart of the Ottoman Empire along with Kuwait, but Britain was called for protection in return for autonomy in lo ...

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The Crimean War, why do some historians refer to it as " the first modern war"

flict was between Russia and a coalition of Great Britain, France, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey). Some historians consider the Crimean War as "the first modern war", in ... d upset the balance of power by taking advantage of any internal changes made in the domains of the Ottoman Empire.By the early 1850s, however, Czar Nicholas I of Russia believed he saw another opport ...

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The Yugoslavian Conflict

once underthe rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the south and the east werecontrolled by the Ottoman Empire. This had extreme effects on the ethnic,cultural and economic differences between the ...

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Spain, England, France, German States, And Russian during the 1700s

pine Islands during the late 1500's.- Spain also fought to defend western Europe from the expanding Ottoman Empire. Philip's rule brought the beginning of the Golden Age of Spanish art, a time when wr ... lves.- Russia gained nearly all of Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine from Poland. In wars against the Ottoman Empire (based in present-day Turkey), Russia gained the Crimea and other Ottoman lands. Cath ...

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The Empires of Asia

Empires of AsiaSection 1: Muslim Empires- The Ottoman Empire lasted from about 1300 to 1922. The Ottomans were named after Osman I, a Turkish chie ... Osman I, a Turkish chieftain who founded a state in Anatolia, now Turkey, in the late 1200's.- The Ottomans claimed to be the champions of Sunni Islam. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantino ... ple, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.- The city, now called Istanbul, became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.- By 1600, the Ottoman Empire formed a crescent around the Mediterranean extending fr ...

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The Shaping of the Middle East

ng is nationalism. It has played an important role in the Middle East in various ways. Finally, the Ottoman Empire has had lasting effects, which still play a role in politics today.Islam is one of th ... rab Nation". To the Arabs, it basically means regaining all the territories they once had under the Ottoman Empire. This strong belief, which is deeply rooted in Muslims, has led to many problems. It ...

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Suleiman I "The Magnificent" the Ottoman ruler.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest empires of the world. "Their moment of glory in the sixteenth ... the modern period, and their culture and military expansion crossed over into Europe." (Hooker) The Ottoman Empire lasted until the twentieth century.Pressured out of their homeland in the Asian stepp ... key. They were called the Oghuz and they settled under the Seljuks. The Turks called themselves the Ottomans after their first leader, Osman. By the 1300's, the Ottomans controlled a small state in An ...

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Summary of World War I.

set against the each other. The Central Powers consisting of Germany, Austria, Italy, and later the Ottoman Empire were defensively allied against attack from the Three Entente made up of France, Grea ...

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What were the causes of World War One?

reasing nationalistic attitudes in the world, most of all in the Balkans. Greece became free of the Ottoman Empire in 1929, which demonstrated that the Greeks wanted to be their own people, not identi ... population interspersed within the countries that wanted to make their own independent nations. The Ottoman Empire was conquered in 1878 as a consequence of the Russo-Turkish War, and Romania and Serb ...

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Ethnic Clashes.

nces. In the late 1890s extreme nationalistic forces began to exert greater influence inside of the Ottoman Empire. Before, Islamic Turks and the minority Christian Armenians lived in relative peace, ...

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The Events Leading To WWI

re common before the war.The 1st Berlin Conference was called in 1878 to divide up the lands of the Ottoman. Germany, Austria, France, Britain, Italy, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire attended the meeti ... Russia, and the Ottoman Empire attended the meeting. The meeting was to divide up the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The Treaty of San Stefano was signed on July 13, 1878 which made the Ottoman Empire ...

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The country analysis of Iraq.written by william, I have wrote in this paper the country make up of Iraq, from natural resorces to the government.

William TuckerCountry AnalysisNovember 14, 2003IRAQFormerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq became an independent kingdom in 1932. A "republic" was proclaimed in 1958, but ...

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Slaves in the Ottoman Empire.

Slaves in the Ottoman EmpireThe Ottoman Empire existed from year 1453 to 1918 and was one of the largest and most ... year 1453 to 1918 and was one of the largest and most well organized empires in world history. The Ottomans were very successful and conquered enormous territories with their large and professional s ... uccessful and conquered enormous territories with their large and professional standing armies. The Ottoman Empire was a slave society and slavery was very popular among the Ottomans. As much as one-f ...

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The Crimean War. This is a look at the events which lead up to the Crimean War

ts, with the Orthodox, or the Russians. Louis Napoleon decided that he must go to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and persuade him to look to the Catholic's side. Nicholas was angered by this, and f ... cefully asked the Sultan to give him the sole right of protection over the Christian peoples in the Ottoman Empire. Of course, the Sultan denied Nicholas's request. Because of that Nicholas sent troop ...

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The Gulf War

Iraq once was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Saddam Hussein became "President" in 1979 and maintained power through ruthless purg ...

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The title of my Book Report is Called Greece its about the humanity and the wars they had back then.

of Venice. The Turkish conquest of the empire in 1453 resulted in the absorption of Greece into the Ottoman Empire. There was little economic development during the period of almost 400 years under Tu ...

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Compare and Contrast on how Ming China and the Ottoman Empire viewed their merchant class

same. Governments influenced everything from religion to social status to trade. Ming China and the Ottoman Empire were two major world powers at this time. They were both ruled by absolute rulers but ... into China. This shows the amount of power the ruler had on the position people held in society.The Ottoman Empire also was comprised of a government run by an absolute ruler. The ruler of this empire ...

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Rise Of The Ottoman Empire Question: In considering the growth of either or both the Spanish and the Ottoman empires how much emphasis would you give to religion as a motivation for expansion?

When considering the Ottoman Empire, one of the chief ideas to spring to mind is Islam. Certainly it is accepted that the ... most significant motivation for their expansion this empire must be examined in further detail.The Ottoman Empire sprung from nomadic tribes conquering neighbouring territories in Anatolia. The word ... e Great (1520-1566) and continued until World War 1. Religion seems to be a key factor in the early Ottoman Empire, indeed around the same time as the rise of this Empire was the seperation of the Eas ...

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Kurdistan: Federalism within Iraq or Independence?

spirations and failed states is the situation of the Kurdish people in Iraq. Once a province of the Ottoman Empire, colonial powers France and Britain created Iraq in the early twentieth century. The ...

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