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Book: Guadalupe, Mother of the New Creation by Virgil Elizando - answering the question: How does Elizando present the Guadalupe apparaiton as an example of "Conversion within one's own tradition"?

divine revelation to the Nahuatl; the infinite; the inexpressible; that which was beyond human discourse (Elizando 2002: 34). The beginnings of the encounter had been orchestrated to take this simple ... All that which Juan Diego had been forced to reject upon conversion, was actually shown to be the source of this revelation, and was to be embraced with all of his being.Another key and significant e ...

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Virgin of Guadaloupe.

to build a church at this town. This was a miraculous event that happened on December 9, 1531. One of the things that still survives today is Juan's mantle that was used to carry the flowers for prov ... in the world, and the most visited Catholic Church in the world next to the Vatican.After two years of the Aztec capital of Tenochitlan falling to Hernán Cortés and his Conquistadors, th ...

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The History of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the views of her from Young Mexicans, old Mexicans, and myself (an international student living in Mexico).

The Basilica:The basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City is a big pilgrimage location for visitors. The Basilica is foun ... d that she was the mother of Jesus Christ and that it was her wish that he built a church in her honour and asked to relay the message to Bishop Juan de Zumarraga. It was very difficult for Juan Diego ... lation from Nahuatl to Spanish of the words used by the Virgin during the apparition of Juan Diego. Our Lady used the Aztec Nahuatl word of coatlaxopeuh which is pronounced quatlasupe and sounds simil ...

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Intersessions of Faith Within Hispanic Culture

s no borders, boundaries, or restrictions is the religious belief and faith in the healing power of Our Lady of Guadalupe that originated in Spain. The significance of this belief is that this symbol ... the relevance of faith and spiritual healing amongst Mexican Americans through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe.This mixture of combing this particular artifact with the hope of being healed ...

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The Virgin of Guadalupe - Research leads to symbolic unveiling

Art History Research Paper: The Virgin of Guadalupe-Symbolic Discourse/Art History AnalysisVeronica MillmanNov. 20, 2013Sarah Zankownski 1PM Fri RECSenora Carlson wa ... except the blue of her robe stands out a lot. According to research, the tilma contains no pigment source at all, indicating there was no traceable medium to produce the image therefore we call it an ... ld be a possible relation of this piece of artwork. Rather viewing this piece as it is in front of your face, try examining it through a distant perspective, the aura around the body creates an outlin ...

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