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Human Female Reproductive Organs.

ing a steroid, progesterone is secreted mostly by the corpus luteum, a group of cells formed in the ovary after the follicle ruptures during the release of the egg cell. If fertilization does not take ... tube, from 3 to 5 in. long, one end opening into the uterus and the other, wide-mouthed, ends in an ovary. These tubes serve as passageways for the ova to reach the uterus.The lower end of the uterus ...

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Gynecological Problems at a Young Age

nd they found what they thought to be a cyst about four to five centimeters in diameter on my right ovary. Dr. Hasan wanted to perform a laparoscopy to remove the fluid from the cyst and then the shel ... enteen years old getting myself ready for a laparoscopy operation for a cyst supposedly on my right ovary. I was happy and sad all in the same moment. Happy, because they found the problem; sad, becau ...

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Infertility and Religion

also how it is done:(i) In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF):In this treatment, an egg is released from the ovary and united with a sperm. This union, which is called fertilisation, takes place in a test tube ...

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Abortion - The ongoing ethical battle between right and wrong. A rebuttal to a one sided arguement against abortion.

only mine, but sometimes science clashes with religion. So don't take offence if I simply state, a ovary is an living organism as well, yet a female lets one die each month. (I hope I don't offend an ...

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Evolutionary Adaptations to Flowering Plants

plants, or angiosperms, are plants of the class of Angiospermae that produces seeds enclosed in an ovary and is characterized by the possession of fruits and flowers. They are adapted to life on land ... flower's female organ is termed the pistil. It consists of three parts: the stigma, style, and the ovary. The stigma is the sticky top part of the flower which catches the pollen. The tubelike struct ...

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plants we now know collectively as "gymnosperms". In these plants the seeds are not enclosed in an ovary, as in the flowering plants; they grow on the surface of a modified leaf in a strobilus or con ...

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Stomach Cancer

the lungs, the lymphnodes above the collar bone, and the ovaries. When stomach cancer spreads to an ovary, the tumor in the ovary is called a Krukenberg tumor.Each year, about 24,000 people in the Uni ...

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Sciences/Anatomy/Nursing - What is Ectopic Pregnancy? (Explination, Diagnoses, Treatment, Sources)

n of the fallopian tubes (about 95%), however they can occur in other locations such as the cervix, ovary and abdominal cavity. Any growing pregnancy requires a large nutrient source (blood supply) an ...

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g meiosis - the cell divisions that form sex cells or gametes. All healthy eggs produced by a human ovary have an X chromosome. However, with sperm, half carry an X and half carry a Y. A human baby's ... sexually. This involves a male sex cell, called a gamete, joining with a female sex cell. from the ovary, this is called ovulation. The egg cell then moves into the oviduct. Sperm are deposited in th ...

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Reproduction is Fun

d of Troy (Vagina) and enter the walls of the Vagina where we shall meet our destiny and attack the ovary so that we can fertilise Helen the egg, who was former queen of Sparta. She was stolen by Pari ...

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In Vitro Fertilisation

when infertile is increasing.The reason women become infertile with age, is because "Eventually the ovary does not respond to the hormones that mature and release eggs and the woman experiences menopa ... l amounts, thus making ovulation not occur regularly, and prevents the ova from not ripening in the ovary; the vagina being infected, which does not let sperm to pass through; there may be no present ...

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The Brave New World

and all diseases are eliminated. Most of the girls are sterilized and the other's who are potential ovary providers, are drilled to take contraceptives, for bearing children is unthinkable, and mother ...

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The Control Of Human Reproduction

human reproduction.IVF is a medical procedure in which mature eggs, oocytes, are collected from the ovary of a woman, then fertilised with male sperm from the partner or from a donor, outside the body ...

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Hermaphrodites Do Exist

jor subgroups of hermaphrodites. One kind is called, true hermaphrodites, posses one testis and one ovary, producing sperm and egg. Second kind is called, male pseudherphrodites who have testes and so ...

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Characteristics of Angiosperms

s have also evolved to make fruits when the flower is fertilized. Fruits are usually made up of the ovary in flower. They promote seed dispersal and protect the seeds when it’s dormant. The anima ...

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Apple Trees

llen grains on the sticky stigma. The pollen grains send tubes down through the styles to reach the ovary (pollination). Through the filament the sperm present 'in pollen can reach the ovules that are ... ollination). Through the filament the sperm present 'in pollen can reach the ovules that are in the ovary. The fertilized ovules will become seeds.The outer wall of the ovary develops into the fleshy ...

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