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Meget grundig rapport om fysiologi hos fisk og pattedyr. Sammenligner naturligvis disse to.

rganismer op i hovedgrupper alt efter deres måde at skaffe sig energi på:1.Heterotrofe (oxidation af org. stof)2.Fototrofe (lysenergi)3.Kemotrofe (oxidation af uorg. stof)Fælles for ...

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The cause and effects of acid mine drainage

e is the term used to describe leachate, seepage, or drainage that has been affected by the natural oxidation of sulfur minerals contained in rock which is exposed to air and water. The major componen ... permanently. (Kelly 1988)' Mining also helps in the breaking of rock exposing more surface area to oxidation.OTHER SOURCES OF ARDARD is not necessarily confined to these mining activities. 'Any proce ...

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Nitric Acid

NITRIC ACIDManufactured:Nitric acid is manufactured by oxidation of ammonia followed by treatment with water. Ammonia and air are passed over a heated plat ...

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The Benefits of Yoga.

icals from the lungs, the deep breathing techniques used in yoga increase the burning of fat cells (oxidation) due to increased oxygen intake. Circulation is improved through out the body and blood al ...

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What enzymnes are?

up is the removal or addition of hydrogen atoms, oxygen, or electrons from one molecule to another (oxidation or reduction-or in other words redox reaction.):alcohol dehydrogenaseEthanal + NADH + H+ & ...

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How Daunting is English Literature?

ays. For example, I would rather do a character analysis of Macbeth than explain the process of the oxidation of benzaldehyde. It all depends on our interests really. If you are interested in the use ...

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Chooseing a plant that has had an important impact on people. Discuss how the plant has affected human culture.

s are crushed or chopped. These active ingredients have been shown to help prevent inflammation and oxidation, and since diseases, such as, cardiovascular and arthritis have been linked to an excess o ... e diseases, such as, cardiovascular and arthritis have been linked to an excess of inflammation and oxidation it makes sense that researchers would connect the two.Studies have shown a significant dec ...

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"Respiration is very similar to burning." Is this true? Illustrate your answer by describing 3 similarities and 3 differences between the two.

differences between the two processes.The first similarity is that both respiration and burning use oxidation to release energy. In respiration, oxygen combines with glucose to release energy which ca ... ease heat after reacting with oxygen.Another similarity is that both reactions release energy after oxidation. For respiration, the equation for the oxidation of glucose is:Glucose + Oxygen → Car ...

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Acid Rain.

then becomes sulfuric acid as it joins with hydrogen atoms in the air and falls back down to earth. Oxidation occurs the most in clouds and especially in heavily polluted air where other compounds suc ...

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Aluminum and its properties.

Aluminum is a light weight metal that is known for its resistance to oxidation, strength, and it low cost. Several applications which this material is used for are cans, ... tuations. Aluminum can have a reflectivity of up to 90%. When it is exposed to air, a thin layer of oxidation rapidly forms and gives it its silvery color. This effectively prevents and further corros ... atio. Another big advantage is its resistance to corrosion and will not flake. Its light coating of oxidation actually prevents more corrosion and is a barrier to the harmful effects of air, temperatu ...

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Anode tube

um and supports the electrodes.Vaccum; All air is excluded within the glass envelope. This prevents oxidation of the electrodes and acts as an electrical insulator. Also ensures that thermionic electr ...

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New Derivatives Of Antimalarial Drug Artemisinin

btained during the haemoglobin digestion is proposed to catalyse the formation of oxyl radicals, by oxidation of the Fe(II) to Fe(III) and the reduction of the endoperoxide bond. These oxyl radicals r ...

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Origins Of Acid Rai

dioxide (SO2) is released into the atmosphere, it first combines with oxygen, in a process known as oxidation, and forms a sulfate ion. This ion then combines with water in the atmosphere and forms su ...

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Chemical Processes - Iron Ore, Pig Iron, Wrought Iron and Steels

ction of iron ores from the Earth. This report will show how iron ore is refined into steel through oxidation occurring in several types of furnaces.IntroductionSteel and iron are well known metals th ... steel is an alteration of the process used to create wrought iron. These processes rely heavily on oxidation to remove carbon and other impurities. In both steel and wrought iron production processes ...

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Rust and its prevention

s common to see rust, though it is still happening every now and then.Rust is scientifically called oxidation, a common term for corrosion, which occurs when oxygen reacts with certain metals during a ...

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