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Blood lactate and training to improve threshold

.g., the arms) from the central circulation of blood.The remaining lactic acid that is not directly oxidized for fuels is sent to the liver, where it is stored as glycogen. In the process of exercise, ...

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is very important in respiration.In the presence of oxygen, pyruvate or fatty acids, can be further oxidized in the mitochondria. Each mitochondrion is enclosed by two membranes separated by an interm ...

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Determination of the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of River Water Samples

is a measure of the amount of oxygen consumed by the organic material within a water sample that is oxidized by a strong chemical oxidant, such as potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7). Its main use is as an ...

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Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

is excited to a higher energy level in the chlorophyl and is captured by the primary acceptor. The oxidized chlorophyl is now a very strong oxidizing agent and there is a "space" left where the elect ... a compound called acetyl coenzyme A or acetyl CoA. Pyruvate's carboxyl group which is already fully oxidized and has very little chemical energy, is removed and given off as a molecule of CO2 , so thi ...

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Analysis of Commercial Vitamin C Tablets. (Ascorbic acid content in one tablet)

ixed and oxidize/reduce each other. One losses electron(s) and increase in oxidation number when is oxidized, and vice versa.In order to find out concentration of the ascorbic acid in the tablet, a re ... ossible.3. Asorbic acid in tablet is a reducing agent, with moisture and oxygen in air, it would be oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid with time.The tablet should be new, and in a sealed container to av ...

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Determination of the vitamin C content of a commercial vitamin C tablet and compare the result with the value specified by the manufacturer.

etermination of strong reducing agents, ascorbic acid C6H8O6 (aq) can be rapidly and quantitatively oxidized by iodine in acidic condition as shown in the following equation:I2(aq) + C6H8O6 (aq) &rarr ... w:I2 (aq) + 2S2O32- (aq) → 2I- (aq) + S4O62- (aq)With iodine solution, the thiosulphate ion is oxidized quantitatively to tetrathionate ion. The amount of iodine solution produced using this meth ...

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Archibald Garrod

alkaptonuria the patients produced urine that contained mogentisic acid (alkapton). This substance oxidized rapidly when exposed to air, turning the urine black. In normal individuals, homogentisic a ...

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Analyse the Various Methods used for the Preservation of Food

efore it is eaten, it may start to "go off". This may be because it is attacked by its own enzymes, oxidized by the air or decomposed by bacteria and fungi. Therefore food preservation is very importa ...

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Biotechnology - Fermentation products

reactions which are useful in fermentation biotechnology are mostly those that produce incompletely oxidized compounds.The micro-organisms are encouraged to grow and multiply by providing nutrients su ...

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