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Title - positive and negative feedback systems

imulation of the hypothalamus results in oxytoxin (OT) being released from the posterior pituitary. Oxytocin is carried by the blood to the uterus where it causes uterine contractions. During the birt ... . As the fetus is pushed through the cervix this further stretches the cervix which results in more oxytocin being released. This positive feedback will continue until the baby has cleared the birth c ...

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The Endocrine System and its role in life: Summarized blood glucose, adrenaline rush and sex hormones

wherever it is needed.Types of Hormones ProducedThe Pituitary gland produces many hormones such as Oxytocin, Antidiuretic Hormone, Growth Hormone, Prolactin and Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone. The ro ... little results in dwarfism. The Anterior Pituitary hormone Prolactin helps in childbirth much like Oxytocin. It stimulates the production of milk after childbirth. It also helps the metabolism of car ...

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The Medicine Pitocin

Pitocin is the brand name of a synthetic form of oxytocin, a contraction-causing hormone made in a woman's brain. It is the trademark name that King ... made in a woman's brain. It is the trademark name that King Pharmaceuticals uses for its synthetic oxytocin. This drug is used to stimulate and speed up labor. Oxytocin means "rapid birth." Oxytocin ...

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term paper motherhood

duction in the use of epidural anesthesia; 70% fewer forceps deliveries; 61% decrease in the use of oxytocin; a 25% shorter duration of labor; and a 58% drop in neonatal hospitalization.Statement of t ...

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What Your Sources of Stress are and the Methods of Coping, and Reducing it

accept the stressor (Smith, Jaffe-Gill, & Segal, 2008).Among other things, the bonding hormone Oxytocin, is thought to be responsible in reducing stress (Crook, 2008). The good thing about this h ... ess (Smith, Jaffe-Gill, & Segal, 2008). Knowing ways to increase your production of the hormone Oxytocin is also a healthy way to reduce stress (Crook, 2008). Keeping up a healthy and well varied ...

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The Effects of Music on the Mind and Body

n the Gulf War as a physician. He wrote many journal articles from the Mozart Effect to the Role of Oxytocin in the body. Judging from his experience and all his work I would say he comes across as a ...

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Psychological effects of love

able" (Zeki 2007).Romantic and maternal love is triggered by receptors for ocytocin and vasopressin.Oxytocin and Vasopressin are also effective in learning and memory.Dopamine is also related to love ...

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