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Assumtion and principles underlying standards for care of terminally ill

current medical expertise. It is then that the intervention must shift to what is now often termed 'palliative treatment,' which is designed to control pain in the broadest sense and provide personal ... provide personal support for patients and family during the terminal phase of illness. In general, palliative care requires limited use of apparatus and technology, extensive personal care, and an or ...

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t would allow the patients to retain a sense of self-worth.Australia has a well developed system of palliative care which allows those terminally ill to be treated in their home or hospital as the nee ... ting to note that Holland, with its disturbing laws on euthanasia, has a very undeveloped system of palliative care.Indeed, without wishing to appear arrogant, this essay would argue that chronic suff ...

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Anorexia Treatment.

trying to prevent it?There are many types of treatment for people who suffer from anorexia nervosa: palliative care (active care without a cure), hospitalization, and psychiatric care, group therapy, ...

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Euthanasia should be made legal.

has degenerated beyond the point of meaningless, when doctors can't find a remedy but only provide palliative care? And what if the pain has become unbearable? At this point, if the person is conscio ... reatment available for patients with extreme cases. But the remedies in nearly all cases are either palliative, which is not a remedy, or one that causes extreme pain. As Christian Barnard at the Worl ...

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Euthanasia - Should it be Legalized?

nt, he could have relieved his patient's symptoms without killing her. The European Association for Palliative Care recently registered its strong opposition to the legalization of euthanasia.[3] If c ...

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Essay On Cancer: Organisations and sum up about cancer in General

ancer is detected early. There are effective strategies for the relief of pain and the provision of palliative care to all patients and their families, even in low resource settings.In leading medical ...

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A nursing report based on a research article 'evaluating a palliative care education project in nursing homes'

This report is based on a research article, ' Evaluating a palliative care education project in nursing homes', by Froggart (2000). The author of the article K ... e Katherine Froggart, who is the head of MacMillan Practice Development Unit, Centre for Cancer and Palliative Care Studies, discusses the establishment of a 2-year palliative education pilot project ... -year palliative education pilot project in nursing homes.The aim of her project was to address the palliative care needs of residents in nursing homes, by providing education courses for all levels o ...

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Qualitative Article Critique on Palliative Care

What is the research question? In "Palliative Care Nurses' Views on Euthanasia", Verpoort et al (2004) are inquiring "what are the view ... 92). Verpoort et al (2004, p. 592) state, "the views of these nurses are important because of their palliative expertise and their daily confrontation with dying patients".Would you say that the quest ... e the independent and dependent study variables? The dependent variable in Verpoort et al's (2004) "Palliative Care Nurses' Views on Euthanasia", is the view that the palliative care nurse towards eut ...

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Euthanasia: Mercy or murder? The adequacy of australian and international law.

categories of euthanasia. These are, the termination of life through non treatment, life shortening palliative care and death by direct euthanasia (lethal injection). In Australia all three methods of ... % of it's citizens being covered by private medical insurance, 29 000 people chose to end long term palliative care and be euthanised in 1990 alone. This figure suggests that despite good health care ...

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Euthanasia Alternatives

wish to die.Another and probably the most important alternative approach to euthanasia is providing palliative care to the patient in need. This approach focuses on many aspects of the patient's life ... the dying process and the final stages of life, that the patient's dignity is kept (Birchard, 2000).Palliative care, also known as support care and a part of hospice, is very successful. Extensive res ...

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A pastoral comparison between Larry Cullifords article "spirituality and clinical care" and other pastoral care literature

e can be particularly important where medicine is unable to cure. This is especially illustrated in palliative care units where pastoral care has its biggest niche. I think this is certainly often the ... ferences:Hudson, R. & Rumbold, B. (2003) 'Spiritual care'. In M. O'Connor & S. Aranda (eds) Palliative care nursing: a guide to practice 2nd ed. Melbourne: Ausmed Publications, 69-86Stygall, J ...

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Parisa Lakithe emphasis of palliative care is on flexibility in order tomeet individual needs, using person-centred planning. I ... sanctity acquaintance spurDyspnea is one of the most common symptoms reported by patients receiving palliative care. It is not only a symptom of severe or chronic pulmonary disease, but is also associ ... of this distressing symptom can be challenging. This article will highlight the core principles of palliative care and will illustrate the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN) specifically in th ...

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Euthanasia and Aging: The Right to Die

promote the dignity and autonomy of dying patients in their care. This includes providing effective palliative treatment even though it may forseeably hasten death."(Tucker, 2003, p. 10) A patient has ... l killing of another for the purpose of ending the pain and suffering."(Legal, 2003)Palliative Care: In 1990, the World Health Organization defined palliative care as: "the active tota ...

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Palliative Care Nursing Practice - case study

aimed at demonstrating how the author understands the concepts of holistic therapeutic practice in palliative care and how the principles of palliative care are applied in the clinical setting. The a ... g. The author will demonstrate this in the format of a case study. There will be an introduction to palliative care with definitions of therapeutic and holistic care and some discussion around how the ...

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Couselling, family and other issues in palliative - case studies

nd understanding skills. The case studies I have chosen are ones that have impacted on my career in palliative care. Reflecting on a second possible interpretation within them I will be able to show h ... the Oncologists it was decided that curative treatment would be of no benefit to Bridget and that a palliative approach would be the most beneficial for her. Bridget also had a history of bi-polar, ob ...

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Characteristics and Environment of a Human Service Organization

stakeholders of Klamath Hospice are United Way, Oregon Hospice Association, California Hospice and Palliative CareAssociation, National Hospice and Palliative Care Association, and the many individua ...

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Critical Thinkng and Language

is to show how communications can affect the variations of differences in successful and failure in palliative care. A task-oriented approach in palliative care, focus on the patient's physical proble ... he ethics of the caring conversation. Nurs Ethics 2003; 10:138-48).Ethics of Caring Conversation in Palliative CareWhen life is near the end, much of the intervention of health care and the way patien ...

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World Health Organization

WHO regards palliative care as an essential part of cancer treatment and has affirmed its role early in the dise ... and suffering and to promote an increased quality of life for patients and their families. Although palliative care does not aim to hasten death, it accepts dying as a normal process and serves to hel ... d serves to help patients and their families cope with illness and through the bereavement process. Palliative care may be initiated at the time of diagnosis, rather than in the late stages of the dis ...

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The Ethical Issue of Foregoing Nutrition and Hydration in End-of-Life Care

branched-off into specific areas of care, including euthanasia, assisted suicide, and sophisticated palliative care. However, as one can imagine, decision-making in end-of-life care is not an easy pro ... med nonconsent, it is clear that Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph have the right to refuse treatment, including palliative care, which is mostly likely the kind of care offered at the assisted living facility. Mo ...

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