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By 1849 the supporters of the Risorgimento had achieved nothing towards creating a free, united and independent Italy. How far would you agree?

epublican states were replaced by Austrian dominated restored monarchies, with the exception of the Papal States, and much of the development and achievement made possible by and under the French, was ... were during the separate risings in Naples and Piedmont in 1820-21 and then later in 1830-31 in the Papal States. However, there was no coordination between the different revolutionary groups as, for ...

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How important was leadership to the unification of Italy?

refore, in 1860, Piedmont had acquired Lombardy, Parma, Modena, Tuscany and the eastern part of the Papal States while France received Savoy and Nice. All these were achieved through Cavour's diplomat ...

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1848 European Revolutions

in Europe, Lombardo-Veneto had social unrest in 1847. Border disputes between the Austrians and the Papal states caused more trouble, making the Austrians invade the Papal States. Pope Pius IX protest ...

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Unification of italy

been a unified political power instead it comprised of partitioned powers known as city states and papal states. Between the fifteenth and eighteenth century 'Italy' was plagued by foreign domination ... es, being; Piedmont (including Sardinia, Nice and Savoy), Lombardy Venetia, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Papal and Kingdom of Naples. Italy therefore merely reflected the interests of the victorious Europe ...

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Why weren't the Italian revolutionaries of 1848-49 able to remove foreign influence?

ings went wrong! The Pope, who had initially declared to be Liberal, now was left on his own in the Papal States and decided it was better that he kept out of the war. He made a speech, which clearly ... ld not fight any longer and this was a blow to the revolutionists. They had lost the support of the Papal States and many devote Catholics.There are also many other reasons why the removal of foreign ...

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European History - Unification of Italy

except for Piedmont Sardinia, which was to be ruled by Victor Emmanuel, an independent monarch, and Papal States, ruled by the pope.). (ref. H.O. #1 p. 29-30) Austria had very strong domination over I ... concessions, free liberalist prisoners, and he acted against the tortures of the inquisition in the Papal State. He seemed quite a promising future to many Liberalists and Nationalists. (ref. H.O. #1 ...

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