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most expensive thing that was currently in the house except the ring on my finger. I got the TV in Pappy's Thrifts and Stuff. It was sitting on the table that was once used to iron clothes on. On top ...

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Rip Van WInkle Revision

Quinn O'MalleyProfessor. RippeonRip Van Winkle10/27/14The Husband who couldn't Handle ItIrving's use of literary techniques in Rip Van W ... allow the reader to begin to fully understand Rip's true nature. This insight into the mind of Rip Van Winkle allows the reader to begin to empathize with Rip's domestic troubles. Only once the reade ... comprehends Rip's mental state can he/she begin to understand the relationship between Rip and Dame Van Winkle. Ultimately it is Rip's unhappiness with his wife that leads him into the woods that one ...

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