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Aceh and Irian Jaya in Indonesia

re rivalries amongst Portugal, Great Britain, and the Netherlands for control of Aceh.Irian Jaya or Papua as it now known is a province in eastern Indonesia, on the western half of the island of New G ... he Pacific Ocean, on the west by the Ceram Sea, on the south by the Arafura Sea, and on the east by Papua New Guinea. Most of the people in Irian Jaya are involved in agriculture, copper mining or pet ...

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Social intergration via Kinship

ts that utilized kinship for social integrating were death and marriage.In the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea, in the northern Kiriwina Island, is where the Trobrianders, studied by Anette Wien ...

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disesase in Britain and "scrapie" for animals. For humans they are known to cause a rare disease in Papua New Guinea called Kuru ( or "laughing death") which striked only the cannibals in the Highland ...

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Historical Melanesia

st.De Menses landed on the shores of Wageo island, which he promptly named Papuwah (later to become Papua) which is a Malay word meaning "fuzzy" or "frizzled Hair."Nueva Guinea was the nickname given ... prior to their actual independence, the eastern half of the island officially became recognized as Papua New Guinea.Geography And ClimateFiercely rugged is the island of New Guinea! The north is divi ...

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Melanesian Rituals and beliefs

society we have been studying in class is the Mae Enga people who live in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Over the centuries the Enga people have adapted certain cultural characteristics t ...

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Indonesia - an essay on it's geography, climate, early history, natural resources and government

e located along the equator between Asia and Australia. It shares land boundaries with Malaysia and Papua New Guinea and has a tropical climate. The temperature at sea level averages eighty degrees Fa ...

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Contemporary Warfare in the New Guinea Highlands

end the complex interrelationship among the various parts of their own social system.The leaders of Papua New Guinea see intertribal fighting as a major social problem with severe economic consequence ... nd its causes:After decades of pacification and relative peace, intergroup warfare reemerged in the Papua New Guinea highlands during the late 1960s and early 1970s, only a few years before national i ...

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"Cannibal Tours"

hat they can to get by. The tourists come in by the shipload, almost on schedule, to see the sights Papua New Guinea has to offer, including the natives, the scenery, the beaches and the souvenirs. Th ... and the souvenirs. These tourists are the lifeblood of the brittle, almost non-existent economy of Papua New Guinea. The locals seem to have nearly abandoned their traditional way of life in favour o ...

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Coral bleaching

irst time in recent history. These places include Mexico and Belize in 1995 and reefs in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii in 1996.DefinitionsCoral- A hard red, pink, or white substance formed b ...

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Australia's contributed significantly to international conflicts in the 20th century - Bougainville and East Timor.

h century. A prime example of this contribution is highlighted in the peacekeeping missions in both Papua New Guinea (Bougainville) and East Timor.AUSTRALIA AND BOUGAINVILLEHostilities in Bougainville ... ury, around the issue of Bougainville’s independence.Bougainville is an island located east of Papua New Guinea’s main landmass, however wasn’t particularly culturally tied to the mainl ...

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Journal Article Critique - Bougainville Copper: A Case Analysis in International Management

wling conducted a case study upon Bougainville Copper Ltd, an Australian mining company operated in Papua New Guinea. (“The case of the Bougainville mine: Success and failure in the management of ... tudies of the management of Bougainville Copper Limited that operated in less developed country (In Papua New Guinea).From the failure in the management of MNE’s, the research of Bougainville Cop ...

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Assess the Aid Linking associations of Australia and the Solomon Islands.

lomon IslandsCapital: HoniaraHead of government: Prime Minister Sir Allan KemakezaBorder countries: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, AustraliaThe Nature: AIDThe quality of governance influenced development ... a member’s troubles. Coups in Fiji, the Bougainville secessionist conflict, systemic issues in Papua New Guinea attracted the concern of countries in the region. Many features in the Solomon Isla ...

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Labour in Papua New Guinea

riptions familiar in the developed countries.Therefore, any attempt to review existing literatureon Papua New Guinea (PNG) labour relations isgoing to be not straight forward but challenging.This is p ... olonial circumstances. The period also signifiesthe starting point to highlight the progress madeby Papua New Guineans who had seen the formalarrangement of work first as alien under the indenturedlab ...

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The Dominance of Eurasia

person in Eurasia, lead in dominance and wealth compared to the rest of the world?Yali, a guide in Papua-New Guinea, once asked Jared Diamond, a professor of geography and physiology (Wikipedia 2008, ...

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Marine Fish

of the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Great Barrier Reef. The region of Madang, Papua New Guinea, has the highest reported species diversity of both anemonefishes (nine species) an ...

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In what ways is Australia's economic future and ongoing security reliant upon positive relation with other states in the Asia-Pacific region?

ates in the Asia-Pacific region. Geographically, Australia is a stone throw away from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.Even though most Australians are from the Anglo-Celtic region, one cannot deny the ...

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The role of foreign aid in Australia

ustralian Government goes to places within the Asia-Pacific region with the biggest recipient being Papua New Guinea.There are three main ways in which the foreign aid in the form of money can be admi ...

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Foreign Aid- Australia

vices during international crisisAn example of a bilateral foreign aid program is Australian aid to Papua New Guinea, who receive one fifth of its annual aid budget. The agency AusAid (Australian Agen ...

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Ethical Decision Making: The Case of BHP and Ok Tedi River

oken Hill Proprietary, Ltd. (BHP) and the traditional landowners of an area on the Ok Tedi river in Papua New Guinea (PNG).Ethical decision-making is becoming a vital framework in an organization. Fir ...

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Timber Industry Economic Profile

are sometimes floated by anti-forestry groups such as Greenpeace. One example of this happened to a Papua New Guinea (PNG) forestry company called Saban Enterprises Limited. Throughout Saban's efforts ... y employed 10,000 workers. It could easily be concluded that they did not care about the welfare of Papua New Guinea's people (Stutz, 2008).Monetary and Fiscal PolicyThe United States government can i ...

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