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Religious Right: Persuasive essay about an issue that is currently in the media, the problems it is causing and what solutions can be suggested.

,2005, of the over 20,000 complaints about programming received this year, only 5 were not from the Parents Television Council, a religious group set on government censoring of television. The Religio ...

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Has Television Gone Too Far?

on each other with dire consequences as some of the latest news stories have shown.According to the Parents Television Council the family TV hour from 8-9 PM has become raunchier with coarser language ... percent involving some other weapon. Could this be where children get their ideas? Quoting from the Parents Television Council web site: "In the last few years, we have too often heard tragic accounts ...

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Television Standards

tens, but it can also be a destructive force that can be sabotaging the proper behaviour and values parents around the world are trying to teach their children. The question of whether television stan ... revealing clothing to try and look more mature and sexually appealing. However, a Study done by the Parents Television Council Issued a special report entitled What a Difference a decade makes, and ha ...

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TV Vulgarity

nce." What is happening in American culture if people can't enjoy wholesome television anymore? The Parents Television Council (PTC) found that during family hour, the "combined per-hour average of ob ...

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Essay about how MTV ruined the real music industry.

ll maybe if you didn’t “tawk like dis”, you would probably get somewhere in life.The Parents Television Council is one of the most persuading organizations to help prevent children from ... also stated there is one occurrence of foul language every three minutes. When MTV responded to the Parents Television Council, they said they don’t air vulgar language. The president of the Pare ...

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The Current Trends to Allow More Violence, Sex and Profanity on Television Are Having a Negative Effect on Society.

Is there any harm in watching television? According to the Parents Television Council (PTC) the average American child watches 28 hours of television a week (C ... llowing three topics will be reviewed in depth: Violence, Sex and Profanity on television.Concerned parents, teachers, religious leaders, citizens and several organizations believe that the amounts of ... e television consumption of three to four hours of television a day it is quite startling (Council, Parents Television).The recommended maximum amount of television viewing for children by the Academy ...

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Media Effects: Profanity In the Media

tly impact those who view the content provided by these mediums. One study stated "according to the Parents Television Council, the use of profanity has skyrocketed by more than 500% in the last decad ...

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