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The Mystery of the Three, is a story about three criminals attempting to steal shipwreaked artifacts.

ry's on the dock and climbed into the small submarine, moving quickly so they would not be caught. [Participle] Using the cover of the night to remain stealthy, Robert expertly screwed down the hatch ... obbing, lungs gasping for breath. There didn't seem to be enough air flowing from his oxygen tank. [Participle] Using the muscles he developed over the years in the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, he ki ...

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This is a guide for the students on how they should study To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

sly wind their way throughout the book, finding their ways into each and every page, paragraph, and participle.Lee's style was very individualistic and fascinating. The depth of her words is not immed ...

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Teacher's notes on Past Tenses for those who learn English as a foreing language.

,5.Past Perfect Tense, and6.Future Perfect Tense.Progressive (continuous) forms all contain present participles:1.Present Progressive: I am working now.2.Past Progressive: I was working yesterday.3.Fu ... .6.Future Perfect Progressive: This time next year I will have been working for two years.A present participle is an -ing form used in compound verb forms (as shown above) or as an adjective (frighten ...

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Detailed notes on Infinitives.

oun, an adverb, or an adjective. It is up to you to determine which one. Infinitives are similar to participles and gerunds in that they can have a direct object. By using the "key" (whom?/what? after ... ? = challenge (challenge is the direct object of the infinitive)Infinitives differ from gerunds and participles in that they can also have subjects. Gerunds and Participles cannot have subjects. This ...

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"must've"Complete the analysis of form for the structure in sentence (3)subject + must + have+ past participle of the verbReferenceswww.eslcafe.comPractical English Usage, p334, Michael Swan, Oxford 3 ... sesAnalyze the form and write it as you would on the white boardsubject + have/has + been + present participle of the verbReferencePractical Englisg Usage, present perfect progressive (or continuous), ...

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CELTA, Written Assignment2

rfectThey have lived in Singapore for two years. FormAuxiliary have [ 3rd person] + lived [ past participle of main verb]Positive:I/you/we/they + have [ 3rd person] + lived [ p. p. of main v.] in ...

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English language study

I wish I'd gone to the party. (+) First Subject + Wish(es) + Second Subject + past perfect+ past participle (-) First Subject + didn't + Wish(es) + Second Subject + past perfect + past participle ( ... ticiple (?) Do you wish you had gone to the party? Do(es)+ subject+wish+subject+past perfect + past participle …?SS may omit 'es' (in wish) for all pronouns SS may use past simple instead of ...

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