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Pascal and his formulas.

pascal triangleThe Pascal triangle (actually known long before Pascal) is a table of the binomial co ... (unordered) subset of size k from a set of size n.The binomial coefficients are the entries in the Pascal triangle.binomial theoremThe Binomial Theorem is the result which allows one to expand a bino ... e 1623 in Clermont (now Clermont-Ferrand), Auvergne, FranceDied: 19 Aug 1662 in Paris, FranceBlaise Pascal was the third of Etienne Pascal's children and his only son. Blaise's mother died when he was ...

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EOREMRobert YenOutline1. Introduction 6. Finding the greatest coefficient2. Binomial expansions and Pascal's triangle 7. Proving identities involving the sum of3. nCk, a formula for Pascal's triangle ... topic: you just have to learn the theory to develop a full understanding2. BINOMIAL EXPANSIONS AND PASCAL'S TRIANGLE Binomial expansionNo. of termsCoefficients of terms(a + x)1 = a + x2...

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