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"The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco.

nthine library.The library was the most complex and secretive of all the parts of the Abbey. The passageway that led to it was guarded by several threatening and fear inducing symbols. The altar t ...

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Day in the Mountains Discriptive essay

ls stretching far into the distance before fading away in silence. After about two hundred feet the passageway turned to the left and the day light from the outside was lost. With the flick of a switc ...

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The Catcher in the Rye - Journal

earing while crossing the road, the street being symbolic of not just a physical, tar road but of a passageway in life, illustrates his fears of progressing. In the novel, numerous times Holden ...

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Aristotle versus Kant on ethics as the science for the achieve to happiness

lly the most important "good" happiness and the difficulties that arise in evaluating it. This is a passageway into finding happiness, and according to Aristotle-virtue in a good is of fundamental imp ...

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The Great Wall Of China

. The passes were usually positioned as the key point of a trade route. Also, passes were used as a passageway for soldiers and patrols. Signal towers (beacon towers) were used to send military commun ...

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Basic Structure of the Respiratory System

ecomes the only way to dispel the mucus to prevent it entering the lungs. The Pharynx is a muscular passageway about 13cm long is a common passageway for food and air. However after the pharynx the ai ...

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Through the tunnel

he tunnel, he makes the journey from childhood to manhood.This story uses the tunnel to represent a passageway from one location to another completely different location. The Chunnel, a tunnel that wa ...

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A Day No Pigs Would Die

involved in Robert's life lead Robert to grow emotionally and mentally. Death functions as Robert's passageway to gradually becoming a man by preparing him to tend his family, allowing Robert to see d ...

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My Fear of Darkness (Creative Writing)

r slightly, I was greeted with a thick wall of darkness. Peering out into the inky blackness of the passageway, I tried to clam myself down to go down to the kitchen to grab some candles to light up t ...

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The Crusades

the Christian church, Pope Urban II.At the beginning, the main intent of the crusaders was the safe passageway of European Christians into Jerusalem to worship at holy places. From around 200 A.D. to ...

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Unexpected Assistance

e tiles had slipped away and cracks had developed in the walls. The trio made their way through the passageway which led to the living room. The cornices held cobwebs, and their footsteps were imprint ... they walked, they noticed that there were some irregular marks on the floor and on the walls of the passageway. Marks that were once red but turned brown with time. Slightly jolted by the sight, the t ...

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Models of Ethical Decision Making

ferent from other systematic approaches, in that it is not an exact science. The "Golden Mean" is a passageway into finding happiness and according to Aristotle-virtue in a good is of fundamental impo ...

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Comparative Paper on the Culture of Philippines and Malaysia

th purposes. Circumcision, in these two countries, is viewed as essential for health purposes and a passageway to manhood. But unlike in the Philippines, a feast is done after the Malay boys' circumci ...

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