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y is meant to do. It is done by making it only possible for someone to access a computer by using a password or by locking it up.Computer security works by many ways of password use or by locking it u ... rd use or by locking it up. The password method is enforced by prompting a computer user to enter a password before they can access any programs or information already contained within the computer. A ...

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Privacy in computers - the effects that unstable security systems can have on large businesses and the threats they deal to databases.

.There are many ways an individual can keep his/her information and data private. Some examples are passwords, encryption techniques, Identification cards and numbers, retinal scans and finger scans. ... of these security measures, guarantees the individuals privacy when it comes to his/her information.Passwords are used to ensure that data and information is only viewed or used by that particular ind ...

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Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hackers

nywhere for site maintenance instead of FTP (as FTP will increase the risk of being tapped), change password regularly and have complicated password convention, restricted user access, and etc.However ...

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Peace Treaties After WWII

puter you go unnoticed because of the shear number of computers accessing the network.2b) Extensive Passwords and other security systems such as firewalls may have to be utilised to stop unauthorised ... their system unless they pay a significant sum of money.4ii) Adding complicated, regularly changed passwords. Requiring fingerprint ID to gain entry. By adding firewalls to the computers which are pr ...

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using their own system. Ways in which the hacker will break into the system are: 1) Guess/cracking passwords. This is where the hacker takes guesses at the password or has a crack program to crack th ... ly the system lets in and the worm executes its program. The program could be anything from getting password files to deleting files depending on what it has been programmed to do.The only way that yo ...

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Passwords and How People Who Use Them Compromise Them

Passwords are an integral part of the world of Information Technology. Since the inception of comput ... re an integral part of the world of Information Technology. Since the inception of computer systems passwords have helped to protect important user information and resources, as well as keeping indivi ... ponents of IT, such as file servers, e-mail and banking resources are often guilty of not selecting passwords that are sufficiently complex enough to keep their information secure. This is not necessa ...

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Flow 12

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