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cinderella complex-my view and analysis of it-with backing by various Cinderella stories-and cultural norms.

polite, graceful, industrious, obedient, and passive" (Karol Kelley 649). Cinderella operates as a patriarchal instrument, producing and nurturing a psychological dependence in women.Providing cultur ...

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Origin of Marriage

hard V. SolimanBSIMOrigin of MarriageIn the Old Testament, marriage is most frequently treated as a patriarchal institution for the perpetuation of the tribe. However, late in the history of Israel, w ...

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A conflict between male authority and female resistance.

e lottery leaves their fate to be decided by the males in the society. The society in this story is patriarchal. I believe one theme in this story is that people forget the importance of life until th ...

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Condemnation of the Salemites

their time. This is shown through an examination of the theocratic society in which they lived, the patriarchal snobbery they exhibited toward each other, their lack of medical technology and in depth ... e time was an enormous factor to the conditions surrounding the witch hunts.The Salemites exhibited patriarchal snobbery toward each others and those who were different. 'Their church found it necessa ...

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Cash. Paper on Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

ily that keeps the others from spinning away. Cash becomes, throughout the course of the novel, the patriarchal figure in the novel. He is thrust in to this position through his words, actions, and An ... ary to tie my description to my initial claim: 'because of the aforementioned qualities Cash is the patriarchal center of the novel.' I think it is important to keep in mind the type of people that ar ...

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Patriachy in Colonial America

Colonial America began as an offspring of the English patriarchal government. The first settlers could not imagine a society that could be both self suffi ... st society was the convincing of the entire public that the colonies could thrive without England's patriarchal government that neglected to represent the colonies. In 1776, Thomas Paine wrote the hig ... ciety and that the violation of those led to anger and revolt. The Americans noted the flaws in the patriarchal system and used it as inspiration to build a society to suit the needs of the newly unit ...

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Australia as a patriarchal society

For centuries, the role of women in society has been carefully defined by a patriarchal sociological system. Up until the 1960's it was considered a woman's national duty to re ... ass, and women who are the subject class (Krieken et al, 2000). Radical feminists define society as patriarchal, or dominated by men, and as a result of this, women are exploited because they undertak ... some radical feminists, the heterosexual relationship, and the presumption of this as a 'norm' is a patriarchal system in itself. Adrienne Rich (1980) claimed that the assumption of a mystical/biologi ...

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Raise the Red Lantern Reviews the role of the male characters in the chinese film raise the red lanter

few nights, the master does not really play a major role in the lives of his wives. He is more of a patriarchal offstage figure, interested only in his wives bearing him sons. It's almost as if he is ... ironic. The wives socialize mostly with each other and are the primary caretakers of the children. Patriarchal upbringing is vastly limited for the children that are supposed to be "prized possession ...

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Essay on Henry Ibsen's "A Doll's House"

nts that the status of women in 19th century Denmark; their roles weren't dominant, households were patriarchal, the wives/mothers' were present to be eye candy, doing as the husband pleased. An examp ...

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An essay on the politics of gender roles. Examines the traditional gender roles, and women who are changing them.

y, the male has been the breadwinner, and the female has been in charge of raising the family. This patriarchal view of women is still very true is some areas. From the third world to the United State ...

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The Role of Chinese Women : The Good Earth by Pearl Buck

Traditional Chinese society was patriarchal, patrilineal, and patrilocal. In this male dominated society, sons were preferred to dau ... The basic unit of Chinese society, the family, was male dominated. The oldest living male ruled the patriarchal Chinese family. As the head of the family, the grandfather or father decided whom the ch ...

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The Silenced Body: Institutionalization of gender and gender regimes

In a society where the phenomenological value and history is validated through apatriarchal order, the female identity becomes neutralized and imposed upon theconstitution correspo ... s translated here through the means of 'motherhood', which acts as akind of suppression made by the patriarchal ideologies when it points out a 'single,pregnant woman'. Mishra discusses Mary Shelley's ... woman'. Mishra discusses Mary Shelley's writing of Frankenstein inrelation of literature under the patriarchal ideologies whose "myth of childbirth"conceptualizes it "into a text that bears or carrie ...

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Child abuse

d examined.The mistreatment of children is deeply entrenched in history. Violence is a reflectionof patriarchal tradition (Mandell, 2001) The mistreatment of children through violentmeans is not a new ...

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Frailty, thy name is woman.

.146), generalizing that all women are frail. During the period Hamlet was written, the society was patriarchal, therefore, the women were very dependent on the men, and were unable to exist independe ...

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Patriarchal Law.

Patriarchal Law is often mentioned but rarely do we understand what it is. The English term "patriar ... "founder". A patriarch is "the head of a house - the founder or ruler of a tribe, family, or clan. Patriarchal Law is simply the name given to the law that governed all men from the time of Adam to t ... ese laws and eternal principles written in the hearts of man made up what is commonly known as "The Patriarchal Law". Laws were then passed down from generation to generation.As society evolves, law d ...

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Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House".

nship between the individual and society in 19th century Europe. Society at this time was extremely patriarchal, where men were the leading figures in the community and household. Income, status and h ... ere valued most highly by men of the 19th century.Torvald Helmer is the model male of the extremely patriarchal 19th century European society, providing us with voluminous knowledge in regard to the i ...

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Women's bodies throughout advertising.

ious cultural disciplines and practices. If both women and men are culturally disciplined, how does patriarchal domination incorporate itself into our cultural practices to create the docile bodies of ...

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Men must fight and women must weep.

him escape. This action challenges traditional concepts of the female gender role, as women, in the patriarchal society of ancient Greece, were supposed to have deep respect for their fathers who prov ...

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Epic of Gilgamesh, Eve, and Pandora from Hesiod's Works and Days

ay the role of temptress, through them hardship, death, and evil enter the world. There are certain patriarchal views that are present in each other the three stories.The harlot plays the role of the ... ties, when before it was never an issue.There are a few parts of the Epic of Gilgamesh where we see patriarchal influences. One such instance is: "For six days and seven nights they lay together, for ...

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Te Gender Roles in Society

ated life style. Yet there is an area of improvement in the focus of gender: based on labor and the patriarchal working woman. The class society has a great impact on the behavior women carry out. The ...

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