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The Evolution of Democracy: How America Has Changed Greece's Greatest Achievement

More Perfect Union: An Exploration of American Democracy. ThinkQuest.1999. 7 June 2007. .Cartledge, Paul. “The Democratic Experiment.” BBC-History-The Democratic Experiment. BBC.1 Jan. 2001. ...

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Alexander the Great

Work CitedCartledge, Paul. "Alexander The Great." History Today 54.7 (2004): 10-16. AcademicSearch Complete. Web. 9 Mar. ... t Cleitus was not only a cavalry commander in Alexander's army; he was also a very close friend and Paul Cartledge, author of "Alexander The Great," has become a respected historian on the subject pro ... a senior cavalry commander who had been a personal companion since boyhood" (Cartledge).Cartledge, Paul. "Alexandria The Great." History Today 59.10 (2009): 20-26. Academic Search Complete. Web. 9 Ma ...

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