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re there is much more that we haven'tfigured out yet. I personally found "A Critique of Dualism" by Paul Churchland, which weread in class, particularly persuading towards a monist's position. He clai ...

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Paul Churchland's Argument Against Dualism

substances. Therefore, he was not able to prove his philosophy in detail.Here are the arguments of Paul Churchland on dualism as according to the article of Lee (2004):- simplicity of materialism- th ...

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Identity Theory and Folk Psychology

n my opinion, these two theories are compatible- folk psychology provided "explanatory hypothesis" (Churchland, 459) for the identity theory, and the identity theory allows for mental states to be cau ... as a common sense psychology. The general law in folk psychology provides "explanatory hypothesis" (Churchland, 459) for identity theory. As Guttenplan points out that "for many cognitive theories are ...

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