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Five paragraph opinion essay: What it is to be Canadian.

e and public mockery, we're in desperate need of real leadership and representation. Maybe good old Paul Martin can do it for us. Paul Martin, Prime Minister, he's got the right initials anyway. Trude ...

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The 2004 Federal Budget Report

The 2004 Federal Budget Report The liberal government under Paul Martin released its 2004 federal budget. The budget attempted to cover all needs and necessitie ... greater sum is deserved, the government simply cannot afford it. The present Prime Minister Paul Martin has promised a new deal for Canadian cities which will include a full rebate on the GST ...

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Boiling Points and Democracy Arguments for and against puplib judicial nomination

incidentally, two great philosophers emerge, both of whom concede to have the precise remedy. Enter Paul Martin and Stephen Harper, the two supreme intellects to materialize from months of debate over ... , according to Harper, would be to hold parliamentary hearings on Supreme Court nominees. Likewise, Paul Martin, successor to Jean Chrétien and new Prime Minister of Canada, has pledged to form ...

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Should same sex marriages be allowed?

disallowed. Addressing the issue of the fundamental freedoms on same-sex marriages, Prime Minister Paul Martin quoted:The Charter is a living document, the heartbeat of our constitution. It is also a ... edoms will and have always been defended since the issue regarding same-sex marriages has surfaced. Paul Martin stated this quote about the religious freedoms issue.First, some claimed that, once this ...

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Should Voting be Mandatory in Canada?

e end like it did in this previous election. Instead of Stephen Harper being in the position of PM, Paul Martin could have retained his job. Other possibilities include that the Conservatives might ha ...

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Minority Government in Canada

formances; William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberals, John Diefenbaker's Progressive Conservatives and Paul Martin's Liberals.There have been eight minority governments since confederation. Three were Pr ... of seats in Canadian history." (, our current government, led by Paul Martin and his Liberals, has lasted a much longer time then most originally anticipated. Martin ...

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The Sponsorship Scandal

next chapter at the end of 2003. On December 12th, the Canadian Liberal administration continued as Paul Martin was sworn in as Prime Minister. On his very first day in office the new PM abolished the ... al government mismanaged hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars between 1997 and 2001.This left Paul Martin with no choice but to call for a public inquiry into the matter all the while denying an ...

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Us Currency

RTIN SAYS Alan Toulin The Canadian dollar closed at $62.94US a record low. The Minister of Finance, Paul Martin stated that, "The currency's strength will depend on U.S. recovery" and that the recover ... of a close of $63.09US which was set on August 28, 1998 due to a financial crisis in Asia. However, Paul Martin stated that the economy is basically sound and that the Canadian economy is stronger the ...

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