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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: Distinctive Philosopher and Contributor to Modern Philosophy of the Twentieth Century

xtensively influenced revolutionary philosophers in the century to follow. From American theologian Paul Tillich to German philosopher Martin Heidegger, his works inspired thousands in their eternal s ... ng influence over theologians as well as atheists. Specifically, he inspired an American theologian Paul Tillich. Tillich thoroughly studied Nietzsche's works, and composed a theory based on humans be ...

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A short but well detailed paper on Martin Luther King Junior!!!

y. He also studied at Harvard University. His dissertation, "A Comparison of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Wieman," was completed in 1955, and the Ph.D. degree from Boston, a Doctorate ...

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Reflection Paper for Philosophy of Religion: The continous conflict between Religious Pluralism and Exclusivism

ns in history were also philosophers.With atheism in hand, the question God's Being is also raised. Paul Tillich argues that God is Being, where "Being" represented the ultimate reality that underlies ...

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"Who is Man?" by Abraham Heschel

ay is comparable to that played .Abraham Joshua Heschel, like another great theologian of our time, Paul Tillich, is a gift from Europe to America. And as in the case of Tillich, his coming to this co ...

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An Investigation into the Meaningfulness of Religious Language

ng in religious language. In his writings on religious language, as Hick points out, the theologian Paul Tillich (1886-1965) draws an important distinction between signs and symbols. A sign, he argues ...

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Believe Within

inue my journey with the lord and not fall from it, to remain fulfilled and happy.I understand what Paul Tillich says, "Being religious means asking passionately the question of the meaning of our exi ... , William. "The Will to Believe." Webb 113-121Paine, Thomas. "What I Believe." Webb 99-103.Tillich, Paul. "The Lost Dimension in Religion." Webb 123-130.Webb, Igor, ed. Ideas Across Time: Classic and ...

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More Questions from Answers: Belief and Reason

one in this life will be rewarded in an afterlife and that, like people, God shows different sides. Paul Tillich wrote that God is the ultimate concern of man, the one thing that becomes more importan ...

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