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Drinking & Driving

ber this: driving drunk is unsafe to you, and everyone else around you. The driver's of other cars, pedestrians, etc... Driving drunk can also be very, very costly: insurance surcharges, insurance rat ...

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Driving in India, the 12 rules of the Indian road code.

, pedal rickshaws, goats, bicycles carrying goods, handcarts, bicycles carrying passenger(s), dogs, pedestrians.ARTICLE IIIAll wheeled vehicles shall be driven in accordance with the maxim: to slow is ... se of horn:Cars (IV, 1, a-c): Short blasts indicate supremacy, i.e. in clearing dogs, rickshaws and pedestrians from path. Long blasts denote supplication, i.e. to oncoming truck, 'I am going too fast ...

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An essay on the reasons to stop the use of racial profiling.

when used by law enforcement in the practice of racial profiling. Police officers nationwide badger pedestrians, make traffic stops, and unjustly search citizens daily sometimes with their only reason ...

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This paper is about the cause and effect of driving intoxicated. How many deaths are cause especially the lives of teenagers. One drink has an effect on your overall abilities to see and react.

anger, but your passengers too. You also put the other people on the road endanger, as well, as the pedestrians. Last year more then one million people were injured in alcohol related crashes. Alcohol ...

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Contempory geographical issue relating to water management at Lake Parramatta, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

ese actions include land clearing near creeks and rivers, rural and urban development, trampling by pedestrians and the introduction of exotic vegetation such as trees and vines with shallow roots.Sto ...

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Lightless Night.

ed. Also, without traffic lights the streets were paralyzed. It was a dangerous and a hard task for pedestrians to cross a road.When I reached home it was getting darker. After having some dinner and ...

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The Clash of the Egos: A multi-author argumentative essay on Autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians.

Autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians each think they own the road. Have you ever been in an accident involving an automobile, ... behavior.While cyclists think they own the road, there's another breed of commuter out there called pedestrians. I don't know which one is worse for being arrogant when it comes to having the right of ... t of way. However, when I am walking in town I expect more from people on bikes and in cars because pedestrians do have the right of way (in most cases).Just the other day I was in a heated debate wit ...

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the street when out of nowhere a car sped around the corner and without acknowledging the crossing pedestrians, ended little Tommyþs life. Tommyþs parents were called at work and notified ...

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Film Review Baraka by Ron Fricke (1992)

se of juxataposition. We see skyscraper buildings of New York and an aerial view of the traffic and pedestrians. The camera is sped up and the people racing in all directions suggests that we're going ...

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The Indian Caste System: A first person narrative.

very large, just big enough to fit everyone inside. Outside the sounds of automobiles and wandering pedestrians can be heard day and night. The fumes from the cars and machines have caused breathing p ...

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Problem and solution essay: Drinking and Driving BY Calvin

ol is a very dangerous, risk taking thing to do, not just to the drivers, but to the passengers and pedestrians as well. When people consume alcohol, their normal functioning of the brain impairs, thu ...

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Bicycle safety equipment and its relation to physics

pieces of equipment are specifically designed so that during a nighttime bike ride, traffic and/or pedestrians are able to see the bike and avoid a collision with it. The tyres are specifically desig ...

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The Day I Walked Out of McDonald's

in Stuart led me to feel quite the opposite.While driving around the parking lot, swerving to miss pedestrians and skateboarders, I looked for an empty space to park my car. As I found a place to par ...

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n find many homeless people there. You can see that some homeless people are begging money from the pedestrians or trying to find something from garbage. Homelessness is a serious phenomenon in societ ... of all, homeless people affect the environment of community. Sometimes, the homeless beg money from pedestrians. They would scare some people. The homeless also bother businesses. In winter they hide ...

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Traffic is developing rapidly all round the world at present. What are the traffic problems in your country? What causes these problems? Make some recommendations.

people, while it occupies almost half the space a bus does. Third, many people, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists do not obey traffic rules properly, especially at busy intersections. And t ...

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Fun or disaster, this paper is about the effects of drunk driving

s in danger, but their passengers too. They also endanger other people on the road, as well, as the pedestrians.As a person drinks they could develop poor coordination, slurred speech, double vision, ...

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Racial Profiling

g and inspecting people who are passing through public areas--such as drivers on public highways or pedestrians in airports or urban areas where the reason for the stop is a statistical profile of the ...

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Drinking and Driving. This essay tell about all the cons of drinking and driving. It is a personal essay. It is not very well written. It has grammer and spelling errors!!!

e not only putting themselves in danger, they?re also jeopardizing thelives of other road users and pedestrians. At a young age, I use to watch myuncle James drink and drive thinking it was completely ...

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Cause/Effect: Drinking and driving

the intoxicated person themselves. As well they put their passangers, other people on the road and pedestrians. Whether the person crashes the vehicle our splatters a helpless person into the cement ...

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Elderly drivers

h a certain age. Nevertheless, for their own safety, not to mention the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, elderly drivers should be required to take both a vision test and an actual driving tes ... discrimination and is wrong. But when it comes to the safety of the senior, other drivers and even pedestrians, it is well worth it. Many people might also say that it would never work, and that many ...

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