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Terrible Aspect

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Power is a choice

Katniss and her actions in the arena. Afterwards, when Crane fails to contain the hope Katniss and Peeta bring to the districts, he is executed in what can be viewed as Snow removing a weak link in h ...

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Gender Roles in Chocolat and The Hunger Games

with feminine tendencies and a female character with masculine tendencies. The two lead characters, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen, embody this switch as they are thrown into an arena with twenty- ... y this switch as they are thrown into an arena with twenty-two other children to fight to the death.Peeta Mellark, a sixteen-year-old son of a baker, is the male lead in The Hunger Games, yet he takes ...

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iant as the sun.""I'm coming back into focus when Caesar asks him if he has a girlfriend back home. Peeta hesitates, then gives an unconvincing shake of his head. Handsome lad like you. There must be ... ad. Handsome lad like you. There must be some special girl. Come on, what's her name?" says Caesar. Peeta sighs. "Well, there is this one girl. I've had a crush on her ever since I can remember. But I ...

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hunger games

stance of others. This is evident and presented in Katniss alliance with Rue, her relationship with Peeta in the Hunger games as well as her connections with Haymitch in the games.Rue is one of the tr ... hough, Rue had exceedingly helped Katniss in surviving the Hunger Games, Katniss' relationship with Peeta was a more prominent reason for her survival.Specifically, the assistance of others in the Hun ...

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We will win

o gave Katniss her mockingjay pin?Her mother.Gale.Madge.Greasy Sae.What memory does Katniss have of Peeta when they were younger?When they used to play tag at school.Peeta purposely dropped some loave ... tniss do when prim's name was called?Volunteer as tribute.Cry.Go on a rampage.Kill herself.What did Peeta say in his interview before the Games that made the audience go wild?That he will sacrifice hi ...

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