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Getting a Girl is Hard Work

is round glasses made his eyes look abnormally big. "Good morning class" he said "My name is Jascha Penrod. I am from Germany and I have been in this country for over a week now.""Great" Edd thought " ... girl that stared at him with a how-dare-you-interrupt-the-teacher kind of look."Alright then," Mr. Penrod resumed "Enough about my life, lets turn our pupils to the board." The class burst out laughi ...

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Judges and jurists have great faith in the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. Psychologists, however, would have us believe eyewitnesses have little to offer the Criminal Justice System. Discuss.

reat importance on the confidence an eyewitness expresses as a predictor of their accuracy (Cutler, Penrod, & Dexter, 1990; Deffenbacher & Loftus, 1982), and similarly Wells, Lindsay & Fer ... fident than another, it does not mean that this witness' recall will subsequently be more accurate (Penrod, Loftus, & Winkler, 1982; Wells & Murray, 1984). However, rather than comparing one w ...

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Anti- Intellectualism: Why We Hate Smart KidsDo you consider yourself a "nerd"? In his essay, Grant Penrod, discussed why individuals hate the so-called "nerds", not only in class but in society as we ... intelligence and perseverance in our generation is not something individuals strive to be known as. Penrod also addressed how in today's society we tend to glorify the non-intellectuals, (athletes and ...

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