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An essay about the comparision of two novels with intertextual links.

r and Children Of The River by Linda Crew are two such examples. The Divine Wind deals with Hartley Penrose reflecting back on his life in Broome during the years of World War 2. Whilst Children Of Th ... om society. Hart says, "People began to mutter whenever I passed them in the street. One said, 'Hey Penrose, I hear you're running a brothel. Got a pair of Jap whores.'" This response from certain peo ...

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The Divine Wind

ll loses his mother in war so he does not see himself as a winner but more a loser. His mother, Ida Penrose, left for England just before the war in Europe began. Ida had no involvement in the war but ...

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An Investigation into the Relationship between Corporate Diversification and the Performance of Firms

y of the single-business firms to the fast and unexpected changes in the environment (Ansoff, 1965; Penrose, 1995). As such, corporate diversification has been one of the most one of the most widely r ... the basis for decisions on corporate portfolio building, diversification and divestment decisions (Penrose, 1995; Campbell and Luchs, 1997). Generally, intangible relatedness Expertise in a certain t ...

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The Divine Wind

journey, let alone in a town like Broome. The Divine Wind is not just a story of one such boy, Hart Penrose; it is the story of Broome in general. It was the array of life that could be found nowhere ...

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Was D-Day Worth the risk?

were planning to invade other beaches in Normandy that included Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Gold (Penrose 155).Hitler knew that the only way to invade Europe would have to be from the coast. The Ger ... s the easiest beach to land on for the Allies since there were fewer obstacles to navigate through (Penrose 155). The air attack the night before was much more successful at attacking the Germans resi ...

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ic adjustment costs for both human and physical capital, including Ingham (1992), Mortensen (1983), Penrose (1959), Slater (1980), and Treadway (1970). knowledge, they are capable of making increas- i ... ess the human resources are put to productive use, their potential goes unfulfilled (Huselid, 1995; Penrose, 1959). Finally, for human capital to create sustainable competitive advantage, rivals must ...

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