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Affirmative Action

mative action regulations.During the presidency of Gerald R. Ford, he extended affirmative action topeople with disabilities (3) and Vietnam veterns (4) but there were no goalsor timetables for these ... s Act of 1990 (5).Finally to the Presidency of Bill Clinton. The Republicans are attempting toscare people into changing their party lines by misusing affirmative action.They are saying that affirmati ...

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Ability for Hire

t turnover of employees without disabilities.It is this kind of thinking that limits the ability of people with disabilities to find employment more than any other factor. In an E-Mail on Thursday, No ... e Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, stated, 'The most significant barrier to employment for [people with disabilities] truly is attitude.' One way to show the effects of discrimination of peopl ...

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ADA. American with Disabilities Act

aces of public accommodation. They require new public and commercial facilities to be accessible to people with disabilities. Modifications to existing facilities need to be made only if the cost is ' ... Title I, the employment aspects of the law. This section forbids employment discrimination against people with disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without ...

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An essay on proper language, speaking to or reffering to people with disabilitys

ords like "handicapped," "wheelchairbound" and "polio victim" may sound neutral or sympathetic, but people with disabilities find them patronizing and offensive. The language people and news organizat ... se can reinforce negative stereotypes and misconceptions. Or, they can help change attitudes toward people with disabilities by describing them and their conditions accurately.Below are six general ru ...

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Poverty and It's Role in the Justice System.

lly vulnerable to high rates of poverty include, lone-parent mothers and their children, Aboriginal people, people with disabilities and immigrants who are visible minorities."1 The result of poverty ...

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Looks and disabilitys in businesses.

[1] Investigate The Employment Of People With DisabilitiesPhysical (mobility)Paralysis, loss of voluntary movement in a part of the hu ... ete or partial, or in effect only in low-light conditions (night blindness).Opportunities for blind people are limited as much by the lack of self-confidence in afflicted individuals as by the actual ... the lack of self-confidence in afflicted individuals as by the actual defect of vision. Many blind people successfully conduct their own business establishments or professions; many compete successfu ...

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Disability and the society.

The lives of people with disabilities have been changed over the past thirty years for several reasons including ... g human rights and the management of services and resources.As we have learnt, prior to the 1970's, people with a disability were basically forced to live in institutions, where they were managed and ... of their lives. There was no such thing as socializing with the outer community, working, visiting people, and all the other things those living outside institutions could do, for they were considere ...

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Proving Discrimination.

gender or sex is a category. The protected classes are those that are protected under law and many people form at least one protected category; women, people with disabilities or handicaps, different ...

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Differences between internal and external recruitment.

riately it may have the potential to discriminate against certain groups such as young/old, gender, people with disabilities, etc. The process should also ensure that appointments are made on merit an ... s a limited number of potential candidates as it does not allow you the opportunity to bring in new people with new skills. Moreover if an internal employee is the choice the company will still have t ...

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Affirmative Action

ups. Affirmative action is necessary to ensure the recruitment and employment of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and Vietnam veterans. Affirmative action is a term, which refers to a vari ... the availability of minorities and females in the area. One of the goals is to make sure that many people are made aware of job openings as possible to ensure that the applicant pool is reflective of ...

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Community Services Welfare.

__________________________________________Brief Description of ServiceACES is a support service for people with disabilities who have moderate to high support needs where the focus is on one-to-one su ... y level of pay would depend on the skills and level of training I had.My duties would be to support people with a disability to achieve, improve and maintain independent living through the development ...

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Bush and the Medicare Dilemma.

Since the introduction of Medicare in 1965, millions of seniors and people with disabilities have enjoyed health care security. However, as successful as the Medicare p ... ush believes it is the moral obligation of the nation to provide quality health care to seniors and people with disabilities. This driving force is the reason that President Bush wants to bring the Me ... ipants while still maintaing a reasonable budget.Medicare is a Federal health insurance program for people age 65 and older, individuals who are permanently disabled, or those who have End Stage Renal ...

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Beyond Accessibility: Treating People with Disabilities as People

Most people feel relatively uncomfortable when they meet someone with an obvious physical disability. Usu ... urn, their discomfort is likely to betray their actions, making the other person uncomfortable too. People with disabilities have goals, dreams, wants and desires similar to people without disabilitie ... . Andre Dubus points out very clearly in his article, "Why the Able-bodied Still Don't Get It," how people's attitudes toward "cripples" effect them. It's is evident that although our society has come ...

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AIDS/HIV Disability Discrimination

People with disabilities, such as HIV/AIDS, should be afforded the same human rights and respect as ... discrimination under both state and federal law. Proving discrimination is quite another story.Many people are under the impression that AIDS/HIV is a disease contracted by intravenous drug use, or by ... DS/HIV is a disease contracted by intravenous drug use, or by having "same sex" relations, and that people should be avoided that have this disease, or they may contract it. People who have the diseas ...

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Americans with Disabilities Act

College stated it simply, "The ADA was established to strip away the barriers that have restricted people with disabilities from achieving their fullest potential in employment and in the community." ... le in today's society. It has provided businesses the push they needed in order to include disabled people in every day life.Why do we need ADA? According to the Council for Disability Rights,43 milli ...

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Quality of Life

f service is a business enterprise requiring high standards and customer satisfaction. However, for people with disabilities quality of life and quality of service become inter-related because of the ... of disabled people on services to assist them to achieve their goals. These issues are important to people with disabilities because without a productive service there is no quality of life.QUALITY OF ...

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How are some groups marginalised within society? What effect might this have on a person's leisure choices?

People are marginalised in society by feeling devalued and labelled. Minority groups such as the une ... ety by feeling devalued and labelled. Minority groups such as the unemployed, psychiatric patients, people with disabilities both intellectual and physical, prisoners, ethnic groups, and the gay and l ... criminated against (Fullagar, 2002One of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in society are people with an intellectual disability they often face feelings of fear, guilt, in addition to physi ...

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Accommodation options (Disabilities)

l that they enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else around them. Legislation exists to assist people with special needs in accessing services and options to encourage them to pursue life in main ... ration on the Rights of the Mentally Retarded Persons (1971) followed, which protects the rights of people with an intellectual disability. In 1975, The Rights of Disabled Persons required Australia t ...

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Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

more prevalent. Corporations in all industries are encouraging minorities, women, elderly workers, people with disabilities as well as foreign workers to join white males in the workplace. The follow ... pointed out by The Career Exposure Network, a premier on-line career center and Through the 1990's, people ofjob placement service. According to the Network: color, women and immigrants will account f ...

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The Advancement of Technology for People with Disabilities

The Advancement of Technology for People with DisabilitiesAccording to the U.S. Department of Commerce, about one in five Americans ha ... some sort of disability, while about one in ten Americans have a severe disability. With this many people in our country suffering from some sort of disability or impairment, the advancement of techn ... to help these people is a very big concern. However, just about seventy years ago, these very same people were cast aside and put in freak shows so that some capitalists could make money. With the in ...

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