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Summary of the fine art of japanese taiko drumming and how it has influenced to western culture.

ming ArtAs a musician I am continually searching for new instruments and sounds to experiment with. Percussion is my forte' and for years I have been fascinated with the monstrous drums of Asia, in pa ... e piece, as we know it today, is the direct result of one such dreamer. Daihachi Oguchi was a multi-percussionist who had embraced the western art of jazz. He was content in his profession as a jazz d ...

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The word gamelan simply means 'musical group' and may refer to 20 different kinds of xylophones, percussion-type music ansembles. Just as the Balinese share the planting of rice and the upkeep of t ... uintets carried on multistoried pyres in funeral processions.In between you'll find 30-piece bronze percussion orchestras, small angklung, bamboo gamelan, orchestras entirely of lutes and mouth-harps, ...

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The History of Music

-and was very religious. Instruments played more of a part later when new instruments were invented-percussion being one of the first groups made..The Renaissance period was between roughly 1400 to 16 ... Sibelious "Finlanda" a patriotic piece originally written for a festival. I think the strong use of percussion throughout the song gives it a real proud patriotic feeling and its an uplifting proud an ...

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Snare Drum, You and your instrument assignment

nares then vibrate sympathetically with the snare head. The family the snare drum belongs to is the Percussions. It has a range of a low-pitched and high-pitched sound depending on how hard the drum i ...

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Baka Family Life

f the chimp that stole the mother's baby all joined in with the choruses or with harmonies and with percussion accompaniment. This communal music making constantly helps to strengthen the bonds betwee ...

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Prehistoric Music

ous idiophones (instruments that are hit or shaken) have been found suggesting some kind of ancient percussion. These instruments are always connected or related to nature in some way. Secondly, mytho ...

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Maurice Ravel Review

were all professional with there approach of the conductor and the through out the performance. The percussion surrounds the rear of the orchestra with the brass in front of them. The woodwinds are sp ...

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