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n many continental-shelf sea environments for about 250 million years, from the Ordovician into the Permian periods. In the Cambrian, some were prominent in nearshore environments. Since the end of th ...

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A brief History of Life on Earth.

animals diversified and some of the first reptiles appeared during Carboniferous period. During the Permian period (290-245 mya), all of the continents came together to form the super-continent Pangae ... Pangaea. Volcanic activity blocked out the sun's rays, causing a massive ice age. At the end of the Permian period, massive lava flows released toxic gases into the ocean. This gas rose to the water's ...

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The Permian Extinction

The end Permian extinction event was the most devastating to organisms in Earth history. Some 70% of terrest ... his view is high iridium values that only occur in the uppermost part of the layers of rocks of the Permian period. This means that the layer is close to the Permian-Triassic Boundary (PTB). The conce ... PTB layer, it helps to serve as another indication that a comet or asteroid was responsible for the Permian extinction.A team led by University of Washington geochemist Luann Becker found soccer ball- ...

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o the dinosaurs. However, this extinction falls short of the level of destruction brought on by the Permian extinction. The Permian extinction began 250 million years ago, and is estimated to have wip ... s extinction is not as well known because of its lack of truly developed creatures at the time. The Permian period began with a sharp increase in the amount of organisms on earth. Almost all of earth? ...

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Mass extinction

od of time. The major extinction events which occurred were, The End Ordovician, Late Devonian, End Permian, End Triassic, and End Cretaceous. The others are the Holocene extinction, which is still oc ... assic, and End Cretaceous. The others are the Holocene extinction, which is still occurring and the Permian and Vendian mass extinctions. Other smaller extinctions have also been recorded. (Col, 2008; ...

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