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Parts of Speech. Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs

or another pronoun. The word or group of words that a pronoun refers to is called its antecedent.A personal pronoun refers to a specific person or thing by indicating the person speaking 9 the first ... g spoken to (the second person), or any other person or thing being spoken about (the third person).Personal PronounsSingular PluralFIRST PERSONSECOND PERSONTHIRD PERSONI, meyouhe, himshe, heritwe, us ...

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"Mid-Term Break" by Seamus Heany.

that no one can sustain his or her emotions in an intense state."Mid-term break" immediately begins personal with the personal pronoun, "I" beginning the poem, "I sat all morning..." From being prosai ...

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Latin notes on verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives

the previous sentencee.g. Argus Quintum pugnat; ille fugitArgus attacks Quintus; he (Quintus) fleesPersonal PronounEgo = I, meNom.egoAcc.meGen.meiDat.mihiAbl.meTu = you (sg.)Nom.tuAcc.teGen.tuiDat.ti ... urNB : Use these adjectives to describe 1st and 2nd person possessionDo Not use the genitive of the personal pronoune.g. pater meus (correct), not pater mei (incorrect)The Reflexive AdjectiveSuus, sua ...

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Margaret Atwood "Journey to the Interior"

agraph establishes the similarities between the physical and Metaphysical journey. The usage of the personal pronoun I in this introductory paragraph establishes the personal experience of the poet as ...

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Mending wall- Robert Frost. How has he represented ideas about identity and the world?

erver recognise Frosts' belief that the wall is an unnecessary barrier between the two farmers. The personal pronoun 'we' emphasises the importance of the interaction between the two men as being sign ...

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