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It is a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave.

ainst its coated paper produces a small flame but when left carelessly near an open jar of volatile petrol, causes a conflagration, which can claim life and property.Rose started smoking at the age of ...

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Persuade audience to use ethanol listing advantages and disadvantages compared to petrol in terms of efficiency and as a renewable source of energy

grain, which is high in protein and other nutrients and is highly valued for live stock.Compared to petrol ethanol is a cleaner burning fuel that emits 37% the amount of carbon dioxide, the main contr ...

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Air Pollution

ause of air pollution is transport. Two types of gases are released. Firstly, lead is released from petrol, and then people breathe leaded air, so lead enters their bloodstream. Growing children are p ...

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Why I think Methanol would be the best fuel for the future

ld be the best fuel for the futureI have been asked to find out which fuel would be best to replace petrol in a motor vehicle.The fuel that i think would be best to replace petrol in a motor vehicle i ... nd countries are using Methanol for example formula 1 racing drivers are using Methanol rather than petrol as it is less volatile and less likly to explode in a collision. Even developed countries suc ...

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What affect did the war have on industry in Britain between 1940-50

s grew. There was a sharp increase in the demand for the raw materials such as coal, gas, steel and petrol. More and more raw materials were needed as the need for war goods and supplies grew. As the ...

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Fuels for the Future

IntroductionPetrol is a liquid obtained from petroleum and used mainly as a fuel for motor vehicles. A fuel is p ... of compounds that lead to the formation of smog and other potentially toxic pollutants. Of all the petroleum that is extracted from the earth, about 84% is burned as a fuel (1). Concerns over rising ... cerns over rising pollution have encouraged research to focus on reducing the world's dependence on petroleum and this has consequently driven the shift to alternative fuels such as ethanol, methanol, ...

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Everything About Organic Compounds

8.5.3 v Fractional distillation of petroleum is performed to obtain products which are useful for use as solvents, polymer products, ro ... ts, road-making materials, lubricants and pharmaceuticals. Products from fractional distillation of petroleum are petrol, kerosene and diesel. The separation of petroleum into its 'fractions' depends ... t be stored in high pressure cylinders which are regularly inspected, in a cool environment. Petrol, kerosene and diesel fuel - These are volatile and flammable liquids which must be stored in ...

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What will happen in the next 50 years if we don't do any thing about the environment?

all the unrenewable and the renewable and the natural resources like: coal, fossil fuel, gold, oil petrol, gas and silver. We will run out of all the vitamins and minerals.There will be a lot of air, ...

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Memories - a creative writing piece for my english class about car trips with my father.

ridge - "The Big Bridge", as I called it. We used to stop into service stations whenever Dad needed petrol, and buy icy-poles. Dad always finished his quickly, before he started driving again, but I w ...

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Is the UK Economy in a Worse Position Now Than it was Twelve Months Ago?

in July 2004 was 3%, whereas in July 2005, it was 2.4%. The upward effect came from a 2005 rise in petrol/crude oil prices compared to the drop in prices in the previous year. Furniture also provided ...

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In a democracy we have many rights. In a dictatorship people do not have the same rights.

ey want for a leader. These popular individuals can group together to form pressure groups i.e. the Petrol people's lobby or political parties i.e. the Conservative party, to achieve the same ideals.D ...

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Economics : Demand

es, demand for its substitute butter increases. Also some goods considered compliments, e.g car and petrol. If decline in demand for cars = ↓ in demand for petrol.* Expected future prices: if pri ...

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Are hydrogen cars the answer?

Hydrogen's Dirty SecretAlthough hydrogen fuel-cell cars have their advantages to petrol-fueled internal-combustion automobiles, they still don't offer the performance nor the conven ... les that scientists have to overcome in order to make the hydrogen fuel-cell car up to par with the petrol-fueled car.There are plenty of people who promote hydrogen-run cars. Their main selling point ... er. All of a sudden, the hydrogen fuel-cell cars don't seem so great and economical compared to its petrol-fueled counterpart.

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Business Operations for Woolworths Limited (Australia)

ia and New Zealand. Its principal revenue generating activities include the retail of food, liquor, petrol, general merchandise and electronic goods through chain store operations, as well as hotel, g ... ness segment, earning the majority of sales revenue. It consists of supermarkets, liquor stores and petrol outlets. The supermarkets include Woolworths and Safeway Supermarkets, Food for Less and Gree ...

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The effects of acid rain on nature, humans and our environment

power stations are highly responsible for polluting, but transport also has a huge impact from the petrol and diesel used, produced from crude oil. Nitrogen oxides are also given out through natural ...

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Chemistry year 11 Syllabus Summary

•Homogenous means of uniform composition throughout, for example pure water, sugar, aluminium, petrol or whisky. Heterogeneous means having non-uniform composition where we can recognise small pi ...

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Petrol Price

An increase in the price of oil will lead to an increase in the price of their subproducts such as petrol, diesel and heating oil. Because oil refineries want have the same profit so if their costs i ... e a look to how might they response.If we have the owner of a 4X4 that consumes large quantities of petrol. And he only uses for going to work possibly in presence of an increase in the price of petro ...

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How Is Meaning Achieved In The Petrol Station Scene Of Baz Luhrmans Romeo And Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet.' into a quality film.Throughout this essay, we will analyse Luhrmans introduction petrol scene and look for the connotative meanings planted in various places of the scene to sub-con ...

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Compare and contrast India and China's population

China is over population. Due to overpopulation, the demand for energy to light every house and for petrol to fuel every car is becoming too great. With added pressure of providing for the people, mor ...

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Marketing plan

nda has again its competitors is his new Hybrid technology; the famous car that runs without gas or petrol. So, Shaads Motors can enjoy the privilege of marketing the car alone in Mauritius as none of ... nowadays Honda has developed a new generation of cars known as Hybrid cars. These cars do not need petrol to run, neither they need gas; all that they need is electrical energy. As sustainability is ...

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