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The Lure of Professional Leagues

ams are not willing to waste a draft pick on a player who mightnever play. For example, Tennesse's, Peyton Manning, recently injured his knee in theArkansas game. This was not a season ending injury, ... This was not a season ending injury, but one more step to the right or left andit could have been. Peyton saw his lifelong dream flash before his eyes. If people think he isnot more seriously conside ...

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Are Athletes Overpaid?

are, are more interested in the game than money. One such athlete is Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. In his junior year a Tennessee, he was projected to go in the first round if he deci ... d to do until the last minute, and when I decided, It came down to what I thought was best for me." Peyton also said he wanted to have another shot at winning a championship (Ebsco 1-2&9).In concl ...

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Who's at Fault: the Athletes, or We the People?

It's a shame it has escalated into this type of mess.According to, last year, quarterback Peyton Manning made a measly $42 million. Shaquille O'Neal made $31.9 million. Alex Rodriguez of the ...

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Definition of Language (The audience is chosen specifically for this topic)

tion to the way he speaks, you can probably guess what part of the country he is from. Lets look at Peyton Manning as an example. Have you noticed that in many of his interviews, he uses the term "dag ... u guessed the state of Louisiana then you are correct. See how easy it was to know where the famous Peyton Manning was born because of his language? Not only does language tell others where you grew u ...

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The 2005 Indianapolis Colts

offense, mostly strengths come to mind. Last year the Colts had the most vaunted passing game with Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison leading the charge. Manning passed for over 4,000 yards for the f ...

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