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The Socratic Doctrine of the Soul. Deals also with philosophers through ages from Pythagorous up to Plato

al, and moral. The question of immortality was a principal subject of Plato's speculations. In the 'Phaedo' the chief argument for the immortality of the soul is based on the nature of intellectual kn ...

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Socrates Perfect Forms.

life and had great hopes for a better afterlife.Also he argues a great deal with his friends in the Phaedo dialogue concerning the afterlife, which results in them discussing the Soul and its immortal ...

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Is seeing believing?

lato (Plato) and Descartes (Descartes).As an example, I can provide a fragment from Plato's dialog "Phaedo". Platoargues that there exists a knowledge, which we cannot obtain from our sensual experien ... . Online at Phaedo online at ...

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Plato's understanding of what the essence of knowledge.

knowledge of sensible things is not independent of experience. It always begins from experience. In Phaedo it is said: "We are agreed also upon this, that we have not obtained this thought and could n ...

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Plato's view of Justice in The Republic.

ly, Middle and Late. The Republic, a collection of ten books, is thought to have been written after Phaedo during the 'middle-period' of Plato's life. It is during this period that Plato's philosophy ...

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This essay is about Jacques-Louis David's "The Death of Socrates".

d to death for holding true to his beliefs and teachings. This painting is loosely based on Plato's Phaedo, a dialog of Socrates' discussion of why death should not be feared by a true philosopher. Ch ...

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According to the Phaedo where does the meaning of life lie?

, is what this theory preaches. The former - Soul centered - is what is preached by Socrates in the Phaedo. This theory believes that there is a soul that is separate from the body. The soul is immort ... say will talk of the meaning of life as mentioned by Socrates viz. via the soul centered theory. In Phaedo, it is Plato who talks of the meaning of life via Phaedo, who in turn is preaching Socrates' ...

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History of Philosophy Meno's Paradox

to establish (cf. Vlastos article, "Anamnêsis (Recollection) in the Meno," on reserve).In the Phaedo, Plato offers a different argument that appears to be aiming at (b). This is the argument fro ...

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terms, but of grasping the thing itself.This is the way recollection seems to be understood in the Phaedo. Recollection is the epistemological mechanism, and the Forms are the objects to which the me ... stematically argued for. Not stated in any one dialogue; we must cull from several (but principally Phaedo and Republic).2. A theory of postulated abstract objects, deriving from the Socratic "What is ...

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Recollection: Fact or Fiction?

Brief essay on disagreement with assertion that knowledge is kept through recollection. Cites Phaedo by PlatoIn Phaedo 73b to 77, Plato argues that learning is in fact recollection of knowledge ... d when learning, one is actually recollecting knowledge from a prior life. According to Socrates in Phaedo, this is an important part in the development of the idea that souls are immortal.Although th ...

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Phaedo: The Immortality of the Soul

o acknowledge that it must continue to exist after death.This section of the text, like much of the Phaedo, is quite problematic. Three main problems crop up here, which we shall discuss in turn. Firs ...

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Characterise and assess Plato's theory of forms/essences in the first half of the Phaedo (up to 95e).

wift Plato's spirit,Ascending heaven; Athens doth inheritHis corpse below.P. B. Shelley. (1)Plato's Phaedo is a work that stands proud amongst the great works of Greek literature. The serenity of Socr ... is beyond doubt, yet it also contains a wealth of philosophical material. The central theme in the Phaedo is the immortality of the soul. Subordinate to this claim yet ubiquitous throughout the text ...

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The Platonic and Aristotelian Conception of the Soul

fferent perspective. Plato's conception of the soul is an integral part of works, The Republic, and Phaedo. The microcosm and macrocosm analogies between an individual and the state are evident throug ... the theory on the soul and the interrelations between the soul and justness. In his other dialogue Phaedo, Plato examines the immortality of the soul and its relationship with the body. Aristotle's b ...

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The main argument of the Phaedo for the Theory of Recollection and the Immortality of the Soul

The main argument Plato expressed in Phaedo (through Socrates) regarding the Theory of Recollection and his philosophy on the Immortality ... Enough of the soul's immortality."(246)Plato argued for the immateriality of the human soul in the Phaedo primarily on two grounds, each concerning the characteristic activities of two specifically h ... nd had forgotten. In order to guarantee this a priori knowledge of such an essence, Plato argues in Phaedo that we must have reborn or that we had lived many lives previously in which we already posse ...

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THe Soul is Immortal.

as a comparison between the claims of Descartes and Plato in their plays 'Discourse on Method' and 'Phaedo' that the Soul in Immortal. It compares their thoughts about this claim and then argues wheth ... nclude that the soul is immortal (Descartes, 1650).Plato claims ' The Soul is Immortal'.In the play Phaedo, Plato asserts that 'The Soul in Immortal' and proves his assertion by providing arguments to ...

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'The Death of Socrates'

a perfect example of a neoclassical painter using a famous work of literarue, in this case Plato's Phaedo, as his source of inspiration. Plato's marvelous work, however, was not completely captured i ... .In the painting The Death of Socrates, the painter Jacques Louis David, takes a scene from Plato's Phaedo and paints it from a Roman perspective. For example the setting of the scene takes place in a ...

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"The Immortality of the Soul" by Phaedo

pinions, and are very learned. Among the most admired philosophers of all time was Socrates. In the Phaedo, one of Socrates' finest students, Plato, recorded the inquisitive conversation, between him ... e ideas of largeness and smallness, saying that if Simmias is larger than Socrates but smaller than Phaedo, then both largeness and smallness lies within Simmias(59). Comparatively, then, Simmias is l ...

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The Most Influential Philosopher in History, Plato

suitable object. The physical world is an image, an imperfect world of change. Many passages in the Phaedo and the Republic's imply that Plato is a skeptic about knowledge of the physical, sensible wo ... rld, then we must have acquired that knowledge at some point prior to our commerce with that world. Phaedo and Republic that hypotheses and their ultimately being rendered 'non-hypothetical' is part o ...

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Socrates In Phaedo

Socrates in Phaedo In Phaedo, the entire text has something to do with the soul when somebody dies. Socrates exp ... an "orphan" from now on. (116a) There is an indication of Socrates' argument convince and persuade Phaedo. "I was not weeping over him, but at the thought of my own calamity in having lost such a com ...

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Outline Plato’s Arguments For The Distinct Existence Of The Soul.

Plato's arguments for the distinct existence of the soul are presented best in the Phaedo where Plato voices his opinions through a recital of Socrates "˜death bed' philosophies ... of absolute equality or as Plato called it "the perfect form of equality"�. Returning to the Phaedo Socrates sums up the argument from recollection like this. Firstly knowledge [of equality] ca ... alistic concepts of the soul these arguments are opposed by monist theories best represented in the Phaedo by the philosopher Simmias and his analogy of the Lyre in which he presents the case that jus ...

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