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Change In Matter

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Phase changes of a water molecule.

Hi, I am Bozzly, the water molecule. Join me with my band of molecule friends as we experience the phase changes of water into the very cup of lemonade you are holding right now. The first amazing ph ... ose by each other.Now that my friends and I are a liquid, we will miraculously change into the next phase: a gas. If you have the time, you can see this happen. Set the cup you are holding right now o ...

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Physical and Chemical Changes + Specific Heat

The equation q=mcΔt only works when there is a change in temperature and most of the time no phase change. When there is a phase change and no change in temperature you use a different equation ... n increase while the temperature may remain the same. When a substance is in the middle of changing phases, the temperature of the substance will not change as the whole substance must be in the same ...

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