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PheromonesDo you often wonder what makes someone attracted to you or what makes you attracted to tha ... st contact them in any form. These urges could be induced by a compound group most commonly called 'Pheromones.'Pheromones{fair'-uh-mohn} (from the Greek pher, 'to carry' and horman 'to stimulate') ar ... , where they serve as signals or messages to alter behavior in other organisms of the same species. Pheromones are a class of compounds that insects and animals produce to attract members of their own ...

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Can men and women be "just friends".

on their skin, and emitting from their bodies at all times. One type of hormone in particular, the pheromone, plays a key role in sexual attraction. Pheromones are scentless hormones released into th ... received into another's body through an organ in the nose called the VNO. There are three types of pheromones: the first two, androstenol and androstenone, are made by both sexes and have been found ...

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Animal Behavior

enetically based behaviors should increase the fitness, or reproductive success, of the individual. Pheromones, that are chemicals used for communication, mimicry, which is an example of coevolution, ... scribed and their selective advantages may be discussed.Chemicals used for communication are called pheromones. Chemicals that cause immediate ad specific behavioral changes are releaser pheromones. F ...

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American Dating

ll attempt to unravel the everlasting mysteries of the hormonally driven world. Beyond the chemical pheromones that draw males, females, females and females, and males and males together, are several ...

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Ant Foraging

ng efforts to the nearest, most promising food source. Recruitment of other foragers is released by pheromone trails. A successful ant returns to the nest leaving behind a "smell" on the ground. This ... l biases the movements of other foragers. When the latter also find a food source at the end of the pheromone trail they reinforce the trail by depositing new pheromone marks. (Stephens, D. W. and Kre ...

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SYSTEMS OF COMMUNICATION IN INSECTS (Using at least three examples, discuss insect communication systems)

ication systems. This essay discusses air and substrate borne vibrational communication, as well as pheromone and tactile systems, and provides examples of the utilisation of these systems by various ... . 1995), showed that vibrations produced by feeding caterpillars led the stinkbug to their location.Pheromone communication between insects is the exchange of information in the form of chemicals. Phe ...

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Ants: The Phenomenon of Insect Societies Research Paper

ement is communication. Ants communicate with each other mainly through the use of chemicals called pheromones. These chemicals are present in most insects but are much more advanced in ants. Ants sen ... well as intensity. Here are some communication techniques used by ants."Alarm" - Ants use a special pheromone for defensive purposes. When attacked, ants are small and do not present much of a threat ...

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Best Ways to Attract Opposite Sex

dramatically increases attraction to the one who smells it. It’s like a tool which can act as pheromone-like substances, a chemical that triggers a natural behavior response to the opposite gend ... ical that triggers a natural behavior response to the opposite gender ( Present researchers, Laura Davimes, aromatherapy and herb expert found out that certain ...

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