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Analyse the representation of masculinity and femininity in one genre or body of work and discuss the portrial of black actros in Hollywood

The Big Sleep the name itself being a metaphor for death.The Big Sleep opens with private detective Philip Marlowe entering the house of General Sternwood after having been invited for a discussion. B ...

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"Fiction in any form is always intended to be realistic" An exploration of this quote and its relation to the genre of Crime Fiction.

ve all characterise this film as a Noir production, "A study in depravity" (New York Times).Phillip Marlowe is the defining hard-boiled detective of the Noir genre, his pursuit of justice compromised ... s indicative of a morally ambiguous world which is unsure about the inevitability of justice. Hence Marlowe "the best man in his world and a good enough man in any world" (Raymond Chandler) reveals th ...

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Philip Marlow in The Long Goodbye

t of his element. He basically exists in a world of his own, where he lets things happen around him.Philip Marlowe has traditionally been played by such tough guy icons as Bob Mitchum and Humphrey Bog ... e even walks into a garbage can in broad daylight.From background information, this is not the real Philip Marlowe. He is best played by the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Robert Montgomery. Elliott Gou ...

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Summary of "The Big Sleep"

This is a captivating story about a detective, Philip Marlowe, who is basically a quintessential knight errant. The reader is first introduced to h ...

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An Example of American Literature. Short essay on 20th century American Literature using Raymond Chandler's "The Big Sleep" as an example

he high representatives of the government. In these dark times, there exists a private sleuth named Philip Marlowe, who unlike being successful in the path of crime like his peers, decides to take the ... ous places Marlowe visits. At one stage, he sees a knight stained in glass, trying to save a woman. Philip, seeing this stained glass, thinks "I would sooner or later have to climb up there and help h ...

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Title: "Corruption in the Big Sleep" - This essay explores the corruption of society found in "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler.

ivate detective that is trying to solve a blackmailing case for a dying millionaire. The detective, Philip Marlowe, finds that the case not only involves blackmail, but also murder. This book was Raym ... r's first novel and it explores the oppressive and corrupt society of 1930's America. Chandler uses Philip Marlowe as the immoral yet heroic protagonist.The corruption of 1930's society is present in ...

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Crime Fiction HSC Notes: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Big Sleep", "Inspector Hound", "The Other Side of Sorrow"

merged*Classic Film Noir 1945*Techniques reflect the increase in crime - societies need for justice*Philip Marlowe:*Hard-boiled detective - morally ambiguous - independent from law and in personality ... m Noir with modern crime fiction*Cliff Hardy - typical hard-boiled detective, Australia's answer to Philip Marlow, heavy drinker, swears, sleeps with women, loner. Flawed character which ordinary peop ...

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The Long Goodbye

: Raymond Chandler Editor: Lou Lombardo Music Composed by: John T. Williams Philip Marlwe Elliott Gould Harry David Arkin Eileen Wade Nina Van P ... Vince Palmieri in Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye, a single, unsuccessful private investigator, Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould), is drown into a affair of lust and deception. Based in Los-Angles of ...

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Film Analysis of Big Sleep and A Soldiers Story

e characters in this film had very specific behaviors that emphasized their moral standing. Phillip Marlowe, the detective, has an ambiguous outlook regarding vices. For example, the behavior of Carme ... r example, the behavior of Carmen, the promiscuous younger daughter of General Sternwood, disgusted Marlowe. Marlowe does not hide his distaste for Carmen's immoral behavior, yet he has no qualms abou ...

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the big sleep

is a decent audience and his eyes and brain working all the time looking for pieces of information.Marlowe delineates perfection in memory while having numerous discussions with Joe or Mona, and he i ...

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