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The sun

pot or the size of a whole sunspot group. It usually has a temperature similar to that of the sun's photosphere. The amount of time it takes for a flare to last varies directly with its size. The smal ...

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Identify data sources, gather and process information and use available evidence to assess the effects of sunspot activity on the Earth's power grid and satellite communications.

ain transient and concentrated magnetic fields. They are the most prominent visible features on the photosphere Sun; a moderate-sized sunspot is about as large as Earth. Sunspots form and dissipate ov ...

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Science of Sunlight and Stars: Case Study

e passing through the solar envelope and makes it way to the surface of the Sun which is called the photosphere. After passing through the photosphere, energy travels towards the chromosphere, to the ...

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Layers of the Sun

hod. This new convection method only takes about a week for the energy to get through this zone.The PhotosphereThe photosphere is the visible surface of the Sun. This layer, translating to Sphere of L ... er of the Sun we are able to see huge magnetic storms called sunspots. These spots look dark in the photosphere because the spots are so much cooler than the rest of the surface. Though in the previou ...

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