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The Mayflower Summary

ambersAnna ChambersRountree- 1stAPUSH7 August 2014The Mayflower SummaryThe difficult journey of the Pilgrims began when they left England for Leiden, Holland. At the time, King James required all citi ... quired all citizens to follow the Church of England. However like many separatists of the time, the Pilgrims wanted to worship as they pleased (4). After many years in Holland, the Pilgrims decided th ...

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Of Plymouth Plantation

nning of chapter 9, Bradford starts with a story of a young sailor whom had cursed and slighted the pilgrims for their weakness and constant sickness. However, that same sailor died from an unstated d ... ter he was rescued Howland was sick for a long time, but survived in spite of his experience.As the Pilgrims finally reach Cape Code, Bradford explains the problems of the voyage which were part of th ...

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