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Rites of Passage

of come with these rites and are found in all corners of the globe. Going on vision quests, by the plains Indians of North America, to circumcision by certain Australian cultures, rites of passage pr ...

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The culture of the Cheyenne Indians of the American Great Plains.

The CheyenneThe Cheyenne Tribe, more commonly known as the Plains Indians, highly evolved through time due to the contributions of the Spaniards to the south a ... was a key to sustaining the lifestyle and culture of the Cheyenne people. The climate on the Great Plains differed from season to season, with food and resources, such as crops, being plentiful in th ... e during the winter, making those months the toughest to bear for the Cheyenne.With the land of the Plains being mostly flat, beans and other crops could easily be cultivated, except for the dry clima ...

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This is a brief history of Fort Laramie in Wyoming.

t, Ft. Laramie grew into a large military complex. Important treaties between the United States and Plains Indians were signed at or near the Fort the first in 1851, and the second in 1868.There were ... d Stage and transcontinental telegraph systems. It also served as a base of operations for the High Plains Indian Wars. From then until 1890 when it was decommissioned, it was the center of military p ...

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Plains Indians.

The Plains IndiansThe plains are land of sun, wind and grass, the Great Plains is heartland of North Ame ... ve prairie terrain, rolling hills and wooded areas.A Land Of Abundant GameGame was plentiful on the plains, buffalo and antelope grazed over the grassy land. In the hills and mountains nearby lived de ... ing them when they had to hunt on foot. After horses were brought to North America from Europe, the Plains tribes became successful mounted hunters and spent their lives following the herds. Spanish s ...

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The Ghost Dance and Battle of Wounded Knee

assacre, 2).During the 1880's the United States government had managed to confine almost all of the Plains Indians on reservations, usually on land so poor that the Awhite men@ could conceive of no us ... eared for the safety of his band, which consisted mostly of widows and children, a cause of all the plains wars. Big Foot himself had been placed on the list of Afomenters of disturbances,@ and his ar ...

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This report is about The World of the Americas (400 - 1500) "The Tepee"

o research it a little. So, I read chapter 7 in the history book, and learned a lot of things about Indians in the past and how there hunted, lived, and what types of things they lived in like longhou ... any different things that I learned from this project. I learned how hard it must have been for the Indians back then when they were living out in the wilderness, and how cold it must have been, but t ...

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The Plains Indians. With America now expanding West, the Plains Indians had to fight with limited technology against the armies of America.

The Plains IndiansIn the year 1860, Native Americans were thriving in the West; about 360,000 Indians we ... mericans were thriving in the West; about 360,000 Indians were settled there. These were called the Plains Indians, who specialized in horses and became nomadic and more warlike people. The Plains Ind ... d to Florida the Apaches became scattered and ultimately surrendered.Eventually, whites subdued the Plains Indians thanks to several technological advances and government decisions. The main factor wa ...

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European reaction to Indians

es had to learn to adapt to their environment and the climate of that environment. For example, the Plains Indians, whom inhabited the central part of the United States, had to adapt to a hot, dry env ... he United States and Northern Mexico, they also faced the problem of a hot, dry climate. Unlike the Plains Indians, though, they developed an irrigation system in order to farm. The California Indians ...

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Guns in our Media- Social Sciens Project to follow and chart all guns in the media

n control5. AMC Old Western Channel(TV channel)- portrays the old west with the typical cowboys and Indians6. Wilderness Channel- discuss hunting areas around the country, techniques used, guns availa ... this novel covers the battle of Little Bighorn- Guns are used to slaughter massive amounts of Plain Indians9. broadcasting)- It is hard to distinguish a fake from a replica ...

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Did the plains Indians act in a brutal and bloodthirsty manner? Discuss

The plains Indians were an advanced unique nation of their time. Some people may perceive their cultural ... go to the 'Happy Hunting Ground.' So again this was meant as a favour, not as a harmful action.The plains' Indians attitude towards marriage seems 'uncivilised' as the man was allowed to commit polyg ... re than one wife so all the women had a chance to child bare.It is also difficult to comprehend the plains Indians attitude towards buffalo. The fact that they slaughtered herds of these creatures was ...

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The Nez Perce: A History

the villages with shell nose ornaments. The second explanation is based on the sign language of the Plains Indians. One of their signs for the Nez Perce was made by passing the extended index finger o ... d proceeded to become expert horse breeders. The Nez Perce horses were superior to any of the other Plains horses until the influx of farm horses after 1860. It was the horse that allowed the Nez Perc ...

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Buffalo And Small Pox In The American West 1860's

equences that the Sioux had to overcome with the slaughtering of the buffalo. "Buffalo provided the Plains Indians with just about everything they needed: food; tepee skins, robes and clothing; weapon ... buffalo gut" (Calloway 121). As you can see the dependence of buffalo for the Sioux, and the Plains Indians as well, was very high. "Buffalo became an economic foundation of Plains Indian life, ...

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Idealism or EthnocideA Clash o

many historians that the Canadian government was paternalistic and farsighted when dealing with the Plains Indians between 1870-1885 , at least in the sense of looking out for their best interests. On ... misconception that the treaties made were fair. This is most evident in the treaties concerning the Plains Cree. Before these treaties were made the Cree were a self-sustaining nation with their own f ...

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The Ghost Dance Cult

lifornian tribes. By 1890 The Ghost Dance Cult was rapidly spreading among the Indians of the great plains. The plains Indians who adopted this religion had been forced onto reservations and were suff ...

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Indian Reservation And Assimilation Policies

ng this period over 15 tribes were removed from their homelands. Resettled in the west amongst the plains Indians the eastern Indians would be robbed of more land before an end to the treaties is arr ... ians were inevitable; army troops were dispatched to the west. This resulted in Indian wars on the plains. In the 1850’s national Indian policy was again altered to deal with that eras “Indian p ...

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PLains Indians

During the second half of the nineteenth century the plains Indians faced many problems with the outstanding American growth rate, and were constantly in ... chools, where American values were taught. In short they US government brainwashed the youth of the plains Indians. This caused a completely different generation of youth to come from the Indians.The ... th to come from the Indians.The American government ruined the lives, society, and structure of the Plains Indians. They invaded their land, wasted all their food, and even brainwashed their kids. All ...

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Native Cultures Revisited

ll view the lives of some of the first people who occupied what is now the United States: The Great Plains Indians and the Eastern Woodlands Indians. We will peer into their cultures, the nourishment ... o or what they worshiped, and how they adapted to sustain life.Our adventure begins on the Great Plains of the Midwest where we will find the Great Plains Indians. Stretching from the northern to s ...

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Rites of Passage

of come with these rites and are found in all corners of the globe. Going on vision quests, by the plains Indians of North America, to circumcision by certain Australian cultures, rites of passage pr ...

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