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defendant's opening statement

re almost empty. And then, in a student courtroom, something happened that astonished everyone. The plaintiff, Judge John Birdsong, pointed a .357 magnum pistol near his leg, pulled the trigger, not o ... those questions will be your verdict.I anticipate that those questions will ask you who caused the Plaintiff's injuries. [write causes] I anticipate that Judge _____ will then ask you to assign perce ...

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Normal Case Study. About a used car deal gone bad. Canadian Law Courts.

r appeal?It is a trial decision.What are the facts about the case? (Provide an accurate summary)The plaintiff, Mr. McCardell purchased a used Mercedes Benz from an individual who used his corporation ... ell purchased a used Mercedes Benz from an individual who used his corporation as a front. When the plaintiff was negotiating the purchase of the car, he thought that the defendant, Aldo Tisi owned th ...

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Claming Compensation in the courts, Closing address.

Closing AddressPlaintiff CouncilGood morning ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My client has had his rights violate ... to be proven.Defamatory matter: The thing said must be capable of being defamatory.Reference to the plaintiff: The things said must be capable of allowing others to know that if refers to the plaintif ... tests to prove that the act of defamation has been breached. Also no actual harm is necessary, the plaintiff may not be harmed at all, but the injury must be likely to occur in the minds of "just and ...

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"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. This essay is a modified speech of atticus's final statement in court. Goes for 3-4 minutes and is 1073 words in length

ell family property. The facts that have work their way out of the woodwork, clearly state that the plaintiff Ms Mayala Ewell was severely beaten on the right hand side of her body. Ms Ewell claims th ...

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"The Amish Farmer" by Bourjaly.

"The Amish Farmer" is a powerful tale that expresses the importance of point of view. Just as the plaintiff and defendant's testimonies create new perspectives to a court case, the narrator brings n ...

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Media law subject defamation in relation to journalists. Australian based.

slander or libel. If defamation has been proven the normal mechanism of the courts is to award the plaintiff an exorbent amount of money in compensation (Pearson, 1997 pp. 96-97).In the publishing an ... ividuals or companies taking on media organizations (Pearson, 1997 p 98).Due to the high expenses a plaintiff filing a defamation suit is liable to incur, it brings about two main problems. Firstly, p ...

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Giannarelli v Wraith.

sed of negligence in his handling of relevant information during and proceeding the hearing and the plaintiff claimed that had it not been for this negligence the outcome of the trial would have been ...

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Medical Malpractice Problems in Florida.

rwhelm them with confusing and incomprehensible medical evidence, inflame them with accounts of the plaintiff's suffering and then demand substantial payments from defendants invariably portrayed as w ...

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Canadian Law Courts Case Study.

#264Name of judgeD.G. IngramNames and occupations of all witnessesNo witnesses at trialWhat did the plaintiff sue for?$3000.00 Assessment for damagesWhat was the defendant's defense?The engine install ... t not fault of SunToyota did the engine breakdown.Did the defendant make a counterclaim against the plaintiff? If so, what for?No counterclaim was made by the defendant.Summarize the facts and the evi ...

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A short essay described what the author learned at the end of the commercial law class.

The plaintiff will argue that the plaintiff had a written contract of $33000 with Steve by which the pla ... ntiff allowed Steve to operate his carousel for the seven days the Show was open to the public. The plaintiff had performed all contractual obligations including providing outdoor lighting, continuous ... s open to the public, allowing no one except Steve to operate a carousel at the Show. Therefore the plaintiff has the right to recover the contract price. This case is very similar to Hoeing v Isaacs. ...

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Impression of cicil trial process with regard to the Woburn case.

er costs it is extremely expensive. In some cases, such as person injury or so, the lawyers for the plaintiff will work on a contingency basis, just as Schlichtmann did in the book. The cases where th ... numerous dilatory or counterstrike motions in trying to stall the case, with attempt to run up the plaintiffs costs till their spirit is broke. Also throughout the trial, the companies still continue ...

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In what circumstances is it possible for a court to award exemplary damages in tort?

the House of Lord in Rookes v Barnard . In that case, Lord Devlin classified the cases in which the plaintiff is entitled to claim exemplary damages into three categories, namely:(1)"oppressive arbitr ... alculated by him to make a profit for himself which may well exceed the compensation payable to the plaintiff" ,(3)"where exemplary damages are expressly authorised by statute."Even though Lord Devlin ...

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Notes on Civil and Criminal Cases from Chapter 16 in the Glencoe Civics Today textbook

manding a person/group to stop a certain actionBasic steps in the court procedure in civil cases:1. plaintiff hires an attorney who files a complaint2. court sends the defendant a summons3. defendant' ...

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Title: Defamation (966 words)

osecution:1. The material was defamatory2. The material can be reasonably taken as referring to the plaintiff3. The publication of the defamatory material has taken placeWithin each of these points th ... rove the material was defamatory, the defendant must prove that the material will either injure the plaintiff's reputation, injured the plaintiff's trade or profession or cause other people to avoid, ...

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August 2004Name of the Case: Keller v Toyota Motor Co. (2004)Name of Presiding Magistrate: MadgwickPlaintiff: Michael KellerSubject matter of the case:It was a civil matter. The defendant is a manufa ... ufacturer of automobiles. It sold an automobile to a retail dealer. The retail dealer resold to the plaintiff. While the plaintiff was in the car it suddenly collapsed. He was thrown out and injured. ...

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hat happens more often than not, instead of getting a story, I get the law.An Inheritance Case: The Plaintiff's StoryFor instance, in a case involving an elderly woman suing the family of her 'gentlem ... 'gentleman friend' for part of his estate, I was informed the case was about a verbal contract. The plaintiff claimed that she had been the old man's caretaker for 10 years and that he had promised to ...

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Chapter 11 in Law 12 textbook

injury. Examples: automobile accidents, medical malpractices2. List the key elements that a plaintiff must prove to succeed in a negligence action.The key elements that must be proven are duty ... ant in a negligence action?There must be a connection between the defendant's negligent act and the plaintiff's cause of action. Without it, no liability for negligence exists.7. In a tort act ...

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this teenager gets into his Harrier Jet (7,000,000 Pepsi points) and takes a unique trip to school. Plaintiff John D.R. Leonard wanted that Harrier Jet and with fifteen Pepsi points and a calculated c ...

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Civil & criminal law

from the person who has wronged him or her. The private party whose rights have been violated, the plaintiff, initiates the case. The person who is sued in a civil case is known as the defendant or t ... The person who is sued in a civil case is known as the defendant or the respondent. It is up to the plaintiff to prove his or her case with stronger evidence than the defendant has to where the judge ...

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Discuss how English Company Law addresses the concern regarding the protection of minority shareholders?

lleging that they had misapplied the company's assets and had improperly mortgaged it property. The plaintiffs wanted to claim any losses that were suffered by the company. However the court held that ... were suffered by the company. However the court held that loss in question was not suffered by the plaintiff's alone but the company it self. Also the fact that it was open to the majority in a gener ...

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