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How science impacted my life

t that sparked my interest in the world around me was in eighth grade when my whole class went to a planetarium to the American Museum of Natural History. It was a very exciting experience because I h ...

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Revision Rich

r hearts tell them. The three poems "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers," "Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law" and "Planetarium" are analyzed to demonstrate the changes in Rich's way of writing. Rich wrote "Au ... e courage to let the reader know that the character in the poem is really herself. The poem "Planetarium" was written after Rich went to a real planetarium and encountered the work of an astron ...

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n, Hiero's son. Archimedes had many inventions including Archimedes' watering screw and a miniature planetarium. His approximation of pi between 3-1/2 and 3-10/71 was the most accurate of his time and ...

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The moons of jupiter the rebirth of perspective

The Moons of Jupiter. The Planetarium. The rebirth of perspective.SEBASTIAN NOVOA GAM LETRAS INGLESAS, COLEGIO DE LETRAS MODER ... rying to show us in one of the last parts of this short story. How this moment of infinity inside a planetarium can make you question the facts that you take for granted, that you so humbly accept and ... We are being taught that facts cannot change.- It is in this brief moment, when Munro enters to the planetarium that all the voices are piped down. It is in this dramatized mini-universe where the reb ...

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