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'Breaking Down Growth' (hypotonics)

. Hypothesis: I feel that there are/should be certain things that could be added to an 'unknown' plant to stimulate its growth. I will be trying to add different amounts and kinds of fertilizers t ... t is successful, than we should be able to tell which fertilizers/ nutrients/ stimulants to add to plants to speed up growth. Materials: The materials that I will be using (at least most of them) ...

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1979 A.P.

PLANT SYSTEMS QUESTION 1979:L. PETERSON/AP BIOLOGYIn relation to plants, describe in detail one way ... te of photosynthesisc) separating pigmentsEssay :Transpiration is the loss of water vapor from land plants into the atmosphere, causing movement of water through the plant from the soil to the atmosph ... ranspiration are those such as temperature, humidity, wind, and light, and the water in the soil. A plant cannot continue to transpire rapidly if its water loss is not made up by replacement from the ...

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Article review from Scientific American. Author discusses genetic crop modification and addressses long term impact on the environment

ncern over the risks of geneticallymodified crops and the possible environmental effects that these plants may have in the future.Presently most genetically modified crops fall into two main categorie ... target specificspecies. Benefits of genetic modification vary from crop to crop, but generally, GM plantsrespond to milder forms of pesticides and often do not need to be sprayed as often as ordinary ...

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"America's Pastime" expostiory essay on how to grow "flowers" College writing 121

t is difficult to grow a flower. Actually, it's not, it's just as easy as growing any other type of Plant from a seed. All you need is a seed to plant, a flowerpot and some soil. There are mainly thre ... er: Lighting, Watering, and Picking. You want Keep in mind your seed has to sprout before it can be planted. To do this you want to put the seed something moist for a few days. After it sprouts a root ...

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Alice Walkers a woman is not a potted plant

way, AyashaEng 102 - 010 Feb - 19 - 04Explication of Alice Walkers "a woman is not a potted plant"Walker writes this poem using a potted plant as metaphor describing a woman's role in the 20th ... e great depression of women during this point in time, by unfolding the difference between a potted plant and a woman. The 20th century was a time in which women were expected to do as her man said, n ...

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Biome Desert and Food Chain

not available by becoming spores or seeds, or by becoming dormant (hibernation or estivation). Some plants can survive for many years as seeds. Insects and unicellular life forms can also wait out dro ... also interfere with an organism's use of water. Fresh water fish cannot live in the ocean, and land plants watered with sea water will die. The excess salt in briny water pulls water out of the organi ...

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Agriculture and Biotechnology

also taken.Genetic modification could be a way to offer cheaper, safer and more nutritious food. If plants were altered to produce more substance, with the same amount of seeds, prices on these produc ... ce more substance, with the same amount of seeds, prices on these products would drop. Furthermore, plants which possibly contain diseases or pesticides could be changed to be made safe for humans to ...

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Affect of gaseous ammonia and oxides of nitrogen on plant growth.

Full title:Gaseous ammonia and oxides of nitrogen can lead to both a stimulation and a reduction in plant growth. Using examples of effects at both the cellular and whole plant level, discuss the rela ... oxides of N, beneficial effects have been observed.Oxides of nitrogen often restrict the growth of plants. Initially, this often comes as a surprise to those familiar with the benefits to plant growt ...

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Biochemistry: Fertilizers

organic, natural or synthetic, which supplies one or more of the chemical elements required for the plant growth". The cheapest and most common fertilizer would be manure. Manure, or faces, is a natur ... as food for decomposers. Decomposers break down these chemicals into simpler ones such as nitrates. Plants can then absorb these. Decomposers need a good supply of oxygen for this job. The amount of o ...

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The Affection of Auxin applied to one side and all location on the stem

Introduction:A natural response for a plant receiving sunlight on one side of the stem will trigger a response that will release Auxin to ... t on one side of the stem will trigger a response that will release Auxin to the darker side of the plant. Auxin will promote cell elongation on the dark side of the plant causing the plant to bend to ... seedling in the dark, and then the coleoptiles bent but not to die. It is because of phototropism. Plants will elongate in the dark in an attempt to reach light.Our experiment is basically to prove ( ...

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Biology Investigation How Light Affects Photosynthesis

investigation to find out how photosynthesis is affected by light intensity. I will use an aquatic plant (water plant) called Elodea. Elodea is a Canadian Pondweed.AimTo investigate how light affects ... he light is closer to it.Prediction 2 I predict that the bubbles of gas produced from Elodea plant will be oxygen gas.FactorsBelow is the list of factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis ...

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Adaptations plants had to make to be able to survive on land

Many years ago, plants made the drastic move from water onto land. Although at first they had a very difficult time ... land. For example, they had needed an aquatic environment for both reproduction and to support the plant body, and they had to adapt to living without their aquatic surroundings. In addition, they no ... nd today they successfully live and prosper on land.Reproduction was an immediate issue because the plants could not carry out future generations without an aquatic environment for reproduction. They ...

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ake a biome because the temperature make the vegetation grow or not grow. A biome is a region where plants, animals, and environment are suited for each other. When the climate changes, the animals or ... h a species or individual improves its condition to survive in its habitat.A biome is a big area of plant life and animal groups which adapt to a particular environment. The climate and geography of a ...

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Biology Write- up on Petiole Length

ing on the grazed and un-grazed Kristin fields as measured by petiole length.Hypothesis: The clover plants will have two variations and in my opinion the one that grows in the un-grazed area will be t ... length. This is because the length of the petiole will not have been altered compared to the clover plants in the grazed area. The main requirement for plant growth is photosynthesis so when they clov ...

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Bird Of Pardice

The bird of paradise can reach up to 5 feet in height with a 2-3 foot spread. The plant is trunk less, compact and clustering but slow growing with fleshy roots. S. reginae has banan ... a long stalk that sometimes reaches up to 2 feet in length. Because of the banana shaped and other plants characteristics it was classified in the banana family Musaceae, however now it has its own f ...

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Altered Bio-engineed Foods

genetic code, not one person will be able to predict the effects of introducing new genes into any plant or organism.Genes are the blueprints for every part of an organism. Every plant or animal is d ... ificially transferring the genes of one organism to another such as the insertion of genes from any plant or animal into any other organism.As a result of this process, scientists feel that foods, whi ...

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The Final Decision for The Maple Island Power Plant The Maple Island Nuclear Power Plant should be added on to for the community. As the mayor, I ... added on to for the community. As the mayor, I have deeply thought about this decision. This power plant produces 33% of the community's electricity (1). If this plant was shut down, we would have to ... es 33% of the community's electricity (1). If this plant was shut down, we would have to find a new plant to produce our electricity. Further more, I will explain to you the following reasons to suppo ...

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        The Goal is a book about how to set objectives,

oks at the system as a whole. The example that the book uses is on a man named Alex. Alex manages a plant that has been experiencing major backlog and non-productivity problems, and as a result is war ... ts looks at the system as a whole and through application of its definitions can produce a balanced plant. One of Alex?s most significant lessons was with the NCX-10 machine. He learned to consider u ...

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What is the best mistake you ever made? What impo

mplementation plan. Yet my greatest challenge was convincing the combined team and their supporting plant personnel to review the current working practices and develop the best, unbiased business solu ... progress. My challenge was further complicated by the directive to properly adjust headcount, which plant personnel flatly refused to consider. They considered my presence as "another greedy corporate ...

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Nitrogen Plant Growth

e (peapod) seedlings would progress at a better rate using a nitrogen-based nutrient solution and a plant growth inoculum. In our experiment, we planted four separate sets of seeds, each grown in thei ... sets of seeds, each grown in their own respective pot under specific conditions. The set-up of the plants is as follows: Plant 1-Nitrogen Minus Solution with No Inoculum; Plant 2-Nitrogen Minus Solut ...

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