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This is a self-disigned experiment on photosynthesis. Pretty self explanitory, right.

hen the more light a plant gets, the more it will grow.Materials: Six 4-inch potsTwo closed, clear, plastic containersSeeds (grass, or pea plant works well)soilTwo heat lampswaterProcedure: Set six 4- ... he pot, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the surface. Set pots one through three into a closed, clear, plastic container as to keep a constant temperature. Do the same with pots four through six. Place t ...

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Investigating attenuation in optical fibres

ts)Infrared transmitter and detectorRuler / vernier callipersKnifeMultimeter (Wires x 2Bunsen burnerPlastic containerTripod and gauzeGlass rodClear gelatine powder2 x 250cm3 beakersMatchesPower packPi ... ations etc.Apparatus (modified)Infrared emitter and detectorVernier calliperKnifeMultimeterWires x 2Plastic containerGlass rodClear gelatine powder (106.2g)2 x 250cm3 beakers12V power packHot water ke ...

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Observing containers of Nescafe.

ates appetite for refreshing coffee with an aggressive promise of being energized. The shape of the plastic container resembles the 8-shape, with wider ends and narrower center part. It also can be de ...

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New Product For Marketing

The first will be their primary line that will contain each of their twelve spices in a four-ounce plastic container. The cap of the bottle will be red i ...

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