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This is a report researching Hong Kong local insects. Insect samples were collected and compared to amber fossils. Similarities were pointed out. Fossils were also researched.

hem and then they were pinned, mounted and labeled. The insects were compared with dichotomous key. One insect was chosen and was compared to an amber fossil. The Yellow-Headed Spider-Hunting Wasp mos ... im is to a local insect specimen to an amber fossil. The third aim is to compare an amber fossil to one other type of fossil. In this investigation, out of the five insect specimens collected, the one ...

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Make your brain fit

e fit perform twice as well on academic test as tests as their unfit peers. According to 2 F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0072666, over all, the children's performa ... es Hillman, and Arthur Kramer. "The Influence of Childhood Aerobic Fitness on Learning and Memory." PLOS ONE:. 11 Sept. 2013. Web. 25 Aug. 2014.GONCHAR, MICHAEL. "Does Gym Help Students Perform Better ...

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