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A short essay I did for a district test concerning the change of a character throught a book The Children of the River with the writng directions included.

rstanding of the workspecific, well-explained examples from the piece of literaturemore than just a plot summarya writing style that includes effective vocabulary, variedsentence structure, and correc ...

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Great Gatsby book report which includes character information, plot summary, themes, symbols, and quotes from the text.

ealthy, very wealthy, and how because of that, a new definition of the word 'party' was established.Plot Summary: Although told from the view point of Nick Carraway, the story essentially has two plot ... s the most essential character in the story. Although the book is constructed so that there are two plot lines, Nick and Gatsby's, Nick's is by far more important because he is narrating the story and ...

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"The Sun Also Rises" by Ernist Hemmingway.

Basic Plot Summary-Hemmingway, through the perspective of Jake Barnes, the narrator and central figure in ... the perspective of Jake Barnes, the narrator and central figure in the rest of the book, begins the plot of The Sun Also Rises with an extensive biography of Robert Cohn. Jake explains that Cohn was a ... d the authority involved until the magazine became too expensive and he had to give up the job. The plot gets rolling when Barnes suggests to Cohn a vacation of sorts to Spain to go fishing and hiking ...

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"The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway.

nd of Santiago. He brings Santiago food when he is hungry. He fishes with Santiago almost every day.Plot Summary: Santiago has not caught a fish for 84 days but since 85 is his lucky number he has a g ...

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Detailed Analysis of "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver including themes, plot summary, major and minor characters and more.

-Author: Barbara Kingsolver - April 8, 1955; lives in Kentucky; still living-Publication Date: 1988-Plot Summary: The Bean Trees follows the story of Marietta Greer who lived in Kentucky, but eventual ...

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Critical analysis of "Montana 1948" by Larry Watson. Includes plot summary, themes, major and minor characters, conflicts and more.

e- American West Fiction- Author: Larry Watson; Birth - 1948. Still living- Publication Date: 1993- Plot Summary: David Hayden lives in a small town called Bentrock, Montana. The Haydens is a powerful ...

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"A Tale of Three Trees." This is a synopsis of the classic Christian tale.

ow tall so that when people look at him, they will raise their eyes to the heavens and think of God.Plot summary:"The Tale of Three Trees." Apparently it is an old Christian folktale. It is about 3 tr ...

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The secret diary of adrian mole aged 13 3/4 by sue townsend plot summary, characterization, themes, author

Mandarin Paperbacks, 1983Setting: from Thursday January 1st to Saturday April 3rd (Two years later)Plot SummaryAdrian is an acne plagued thirteen-year-old teenager who reports his thoughts and experi ...

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Movie Review on a great movie "Showtime". Main actors are Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo.

se Renzi)Directed by Tom Dey, Jorge Saralegui ( story), Keith Sharon (screenplay)Rating Scale : 7/10Plot Summary: Two totally different cops, Deterctive Mitch Preston and Officer Trey Sellars get to w ...

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CIrque Du Freak by: Darren Shan - Reading Log(first 14 chapters)

Novel: Cirque Du FreakAuthor: Darren ShanNo. of Pages: 106Plot SummaryThe novel starts off with an introduction that is very important because it makes the st ...

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Plot summary and examination of character and colflicting worlds of realism and supernatural in Edgar Allen Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher

listic and imaginary, science and supernatural, and reality and fiction. Through examination of the plot summary and characters, including the narrator and the house itself of Poe's "The Fall of the H ...

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Gods and Generals

nformational. Gods and Generals focuses on the individual people that the war affected dramatically.Plot SummaryIn the beginning of the book, the author tells of two amazing things that happened in th ...

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Bookrepork of Holes by Louis Sachar

Book Report-Holes Plot SummaryHoles by Louis Sachar was a fun and exciting book to read. It was packed with suspense, ...

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Summary of chapters and themes in of Mice and Men.

Plot SummaryChapter OneLennie and George are hiding after getting off a bus that took them from Weed ...

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Notes on Theme of the Traitor and the Hero by Jorge Luis Borges

as already sufficiently astonishing; that history should imitate literature is inconceivable. . . ."Plot Summary & Historical Background:Settings - The Narrative is set in Ireland in 1824. However ...

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What Are Students' Difficulties In Understanding The plot?

Plot is usually defined as the sequence of major events uponwhich the story is based. Laurence perri ... ased. Laurence perrine in Literature: Structure,Sound and Sense in details deals with the nature of plot and itsconstituents. In fact, plot resembles a map which leads us only to thelocation of the pl ... the places we want to visit, but it does not show what theseplaces contain. We also learn that the plot is mostly concerned withWhat happens in the story. To write a plot summary, we have to avoidthe ...

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in "As Good as it Gets"

"As Good As It Gets"--Plot Summary--Melvin Udall is a homophobic, bitter, lonely man. He spends his days in the confinemen ...

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POWER POINT- of 1984 by George Orwell

Slide One1984- BY: George OrwellSlide Two- Plot Summary 1The novel is set in 1984 in Oceania, a superstate composed of America and the British ... nd anti-totalitarian. It represents a government such as the Soviet Union under Stalin.Slide Three- Plot Summary 2Winston Smith, the main character and speaker of the book, however, questions this gov ... ulia without being caught by the party. Julia also becomes part of the Brotherhood. The rest of the plot is about them trying to keep their relationship from Big Brother and their membership in the Br ...

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"The Red Pony": Book Report.

Plot Summary:The story begins with a description of Billy Buck, the ranch-hand on the Tiflin ranch i ...

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Comparing Two Student Papers Concerning Types of Literature

wo papers. The dead giveaway and most obvious error was the entire paper was a general, and boring, plot summary of each short story. It did tell all of the characters actions and decisions but did no ... ces" flowed like a prehistoric river through a jungle. The author bored the reader with just enough plot summaries to set up his ideas while livening up the summary with discussion concerning the reas ...

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