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Hitchcocks Pyscho: Cinematic Techniques Discuss the cinematic techniques and how they affect the sense of horror in the film

a great impact on the horror of the movie. Perhaps the technique used to any extent in the movie is Point of View Shots. Point of View Shots: When Marion has decided to take the $40,000 given a ... te limited and therefore music must fill the void. Please see the last page for elaboration on this point.Editing TechniquesPlease excuse the pun, but basically the only editing technique used in Psyc ...

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Visual Filming Techniques Notes

ground details.Insert Shot - A detail shot that provides information needed to understand the scene.Point of View Shot (POV) - Positions to show a character's perspective._____________________________ ... ed to soften shadows.Backlighting is light from the back of a figure to produce a halo effect.Three-point Lighting - A combination of key, fill and backlighting.Camera AnglesCamera Angle is the angle ...

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Media Language (A2)

film rather than intricate details. We felt, however, that by combining this basic shot style with Point of View shots and Reaction Shots, we would be able to cause the audience to want to see the fi ...

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