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Life as a dancer

allet. That's around how many the company wear out each year. A dancer can go through 3000 pairs of shoes in a career. I think I went through around a 500. As a dancer I did wear point shoes, which ha ... r point shoes, which have hard leather soles and a firm block for the toes to fit in For the shoes. Can you imagine a mountain of 10000 shoes?I didn't go home with a book of steps to practice a ...

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The Perfect Lifestyle

different. This ad depicts only a ballerina's legs, rather then showing her entire body. She wears pointe shoes and a tutu, an image that is often associated with perfection. The ad is attractively a ... re the tights the ad is selling. They are of a light pink tone, which matches the light pink of the pointe shoes, and tutu the dancer wears. The other main color in the ad is the baby blue in the back ...

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Right to the Pointe. A journey of learning ballet

etc. For my personal senior project, I chose a form of Ballet to learn. Learning to dance ballet on Pointe was my senior project.I myself, have always been a dancer. I have been very active on the hig ... large class with many dancers, some better than others. I have always wanted to be able to dance on Pointe. I have spent most of my life watching ballet in awe as the ballerinas twirled around and ski ...

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